Since the start of the pandemic following guidelines of health officials and wearing face masks for the foreseeable future is the new normal. It’s now become a wardrobe essential and necessity that I sincerely hope all of us are following through with every time we leave the house. As fashion usually finds a way of making essentials a style statement, it’s no surprise that these masks instantly became a way of self-expression, with DIY cloth masks to high-end brands and everyone in-between producing new reusable designs.

We’re living in a reality where we take any excuse to step out of the house to dress up. Whether its to pick up groceries or a quick jog, depending on your cities lockdown or curfew restrictions, we’re thinking about cute outfit ideas to pair with our masks. While it might seem frivolous, planning your outfit for the day is a great way to take a break and be more creative. It diverts the mind and it doesn’t hurt to think of a cool ensemble worthy of the gram. So, whatever the reason you’re getting dressed up for, take some inspo from these chic influencers who prove that you can be responsible and look cute on your next outing.

Keep scrolling for some cool mask+outfit inspirations from these fashionistas:

1. Twinning With Your Pet

How cute is this head to toe candy coloured ensemble on Maitri Mody. Even her polka-dotted mask is candy pink. She looks super fresh in these trendy colours and high waisted pants. But that’s not even the best part of this image! Check out the matching polka dot bandana her adorable pug Ari is wearing. This is a great way to insert some style on your next dog walk and match up with your doggo! Make the streets your personal fashion catwalk with your best bud wagging along in style. BRB as I go ahead and purchase or DIY a set like this for my dog and me as well!

2. Print-On-Print

While the world is a deary place right now so why not interject some fun prints to brighten up your look like Kayla Monique. Don’t be afraid to go bold and play around with prints on prints and test out different complementary colours. And yes this includes your mask too! It doesn’t need to be a boring solid or disposable version. With so many reusable fun designs available, it’s eco-friendly and fashionable at the same time. You’re bound to find a style that suits your personality.  Kayla paired these mix match of colourful prints brilliantly with these shorts and knotted blouse combo. Along with a black and white speckled mask, she looks super cool and ready to brave the humidity.

3. Graphic Tee

Want to keep things simple? You can’t go wrong with a graphic tee and cool jeans like Juhi Godambe here. A graphic tee can easily make things look cooler and in this case, she’s paired it with some wide-leg jeans that are very on-trend. Take an extra step for some cohesiveness like Juhi has and match your mask with one common element from your outfit. In this case, Juhi has matched her tie-dye mask in the same colour scheme as the print on her tee! A subtle choice but it makes all the difference

4. Monochrome White

This entire look by  Riya Jain is a trend lovers paradise. First of all your can’t go wrong with a monochrome look in white or black. Sticking to one colour for your look is an easy way to look chic and put-together instantly. Trendy and functional, Riya’s white ensemble is very ’90s inspired, with the crop top and utility cargo pants. Paired with your favourite IT bag and chunky dad sneaker with matching masks it’s a winning combo all around.

5. C0-ordinated Looks

Brittany Xavier and her daughter really nail it with these co-ordinated ensembles and matching maks. Every outfit in this clip is very cool and trendy but I especially love the first very black and printed green Versace inspired look. The mix of the print and solid black pieces including the matching black face covering paired with some subtle gold accents really make for a clean chic look. Inspired by the amazing Chinese street-styles video trend, they look amazing in their version of chic street-style outfits. They really prove that just because you have to wear a mask it doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Think of it as an added accessory that can enhance your look. And why not have some fun and co-ordinate your outfits with a family member or best friend the next time you step out.

Which of these looks inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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