It is rightly said that ‘Fitness is not a choice, it’s a lifestyle’! In these uncertain times, just doing a few exercises now and then is not enough, you have to think about your overall well-being. Once you start dedicating some time and effort towards becoming fitter, you will be amazed to see how awesome the results will make you feel! So many talented content creators have started their journey of becoming healthier, inturn motivating us to do the same. So if you wish to reach your #FitnessGoals but can’t find the right motivation, then what are you waiting for? Follow these influencers now for some great content AND all the fitness inspiration you need!

Check them out and start your fitness journey:

1. Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav Taneja is one of the most popular and respected content creators we know of! A pilot by profession, he is the perfect example of enjoying his profession as well as his passion. Apart from being an avid content creator with millions of followers, he is a fitness enthusiast! He has his own fitness channel Fit Muscle TV, which is your one-stop destination for all the fitness motivation and tips you need.

2. Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a BeerBiceps

Ranveer is a self-improvement content creator who everyone should follow! He is passionate about fitness, well-being, mental health and overall improvement. You will always catch him talking about why working out is important and how to go about it. Apart from frequently sharing workout ideas, he also explains the meaning behind doing them and how it will help you. We absolutely love how he focusses on overall well-being!

3. Nikunj Lotia a.k.a Be Younick

We all know he is one influencer who doesn’t need any introduction! Even though we love his content, we are absolute fans of his transformation journey. He has really worked hard towards developing a fitter lifestyle and we are certain that everyone should follow his footsteps. If you are lazy to start your workout, let this picture be your motivation for the day!

4. Prajakta Koli a.k.a MostlySane

Prajakta is your go-to person for fitness motivation when you feel super lethargic to do so! Even though she doesn’t post workout videos, you will always catch her motivating you to start exercising. She, herself believes in living a healthy lifestyle and tries her best to stay fit. Moreover, for every fitness-related post of hers, you will see an extremely relatable caption attached to it and it really makes our day!

5. Siddharth Nigam

Just looking at this video is giving us major fitness inspiration! Siddharth has always been a fitness and gymnastic enthusiast. Apart from winning people over with his wonderful role as ‘Aladdin‘ in a popular daily soap, he often posts motivational gymnastics and workout videos too. Looking at his videos will make you wanna hit the gym now and get rock hard abs like his!

6. Sejal Kumar

Sejal has always liked to maintain a fit lifestyle and has preferred healthy eating habits. She made her lockdown productive and decided to get fitter. He workout video is super easy to follow and it will make you want to get healthy yourself. In her episode of Show & Tell with us, she mentioned how she has always liked to stay fit and we love how she motivates everyone to do the same!

7.  Shayan Siddiqui

Shayan is one of the most sought-after influencers when it comes to seeking fitness inspo. He creates practical content that revolves around fitness, workout, nutrition as well as entertainment. His feed makes us wanna head to the gym right away!

8. Arsh Fam

Arsh is a member of the popular creator group DamnFam and he super passionate about fitness. He has undergone a body transformation himself and has shared his story and experience in a YouTube video. If you are feeling de-motivated, check his transformation journey out for a dose of positivity and motivation!

9. Danish Khan

How power-packed is this reel? We admire Danish’s dedication and drive towards staying fit and maintaining his strength. You will often see him enjoying his workout with his buddy Shayan Siddiqui. Let this reel be your motivation to do the workout you have always wanted to try!

10. Arhan Ansari

Arhan is a popular fitness athlete and content creator who has also won Mr Olympia India in the past! He has an extremely ripped physique and he strongly believes in giving it his all. He is the perfect example of how you can achieve anything with hard work and dedication.

Here’s everyone who will motivate you to kickstart your fitness journey and stay healthy during these uncertain times. In our opinion, your overall well-being should be of top priority. If you have a healthy mind, you will surely be inspired to have a healthy body. Tell us about your fave workouts in comments below.

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