In the era of digitalisation, we come across diverse content creators, who showcase their amazing talent on various social media platforms. However, a few of them just shine through as their creativity and hard work takes them a notch above the rest. There are multiple influencers who crossed milestones on YouTube this month purely because of their creative content and loyal fanbase. These content creators know exactly how to break the clutter and stand out among others. Check out all the amazing milestones they crossed this month right here!

Here they are:

1. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is popular for his insightful content among millions of people, with 16.9M subscribers on his YouTube channel. His videos are extremely motivating and positive. Sandeep recently received YouTube’s Diamond Play button for his excellence. We are so happy for him and we love how he is so motivated to always put his best foot forward.

2. Jannat Zubair

Jannat Zubair is one of the cutest content creators we know and her work speaks for itself. She is a bundle of energy and she received YouTube’s Golden Play button this month. We are super thrilled for her and she definitely deserves the world and more. Wishing her good luck for the future! Don’t forget to check out some amazing content on her YouTube channel.

3. Manav Chhabra a.k.a Mr. MNV

Manav Chhabra, popularly known as Mr. MNV has never failed to entertain us. His content is so engaging and relatable that we absolutely love to watch it all. He has crossed more than 500K subscribers on his YouTube channel and we are so excited to see what more is in store for us.

4. Vishakha Fulsunge a.k.a RiderGirlVishakha

A  popular name in the world of motovloggers, Vishakha Fulsunge has come a long way, overcoming all the challenges. She is famous for her adventurous travel rides and off-beat experiences. In September, RiderGirlVishakha hit 500K subscribers on her YouTube channel and we absolutely adore her for her brave and bold attitude. This is such an amazing milestone!

5. Rishabh Chawla

Rishabh Chawla, also a part of the DamnFam group recently created his YouTube channel. His loyal fanbase loved his content so much that he became a viral sensation overnight. He received the YouTube’s Silver Play button right after his first video. We could not have been more proud of his achievements! Moreover, it is always a delight to watch his content.

6. Faye DSouza

Faye DSouza is yet another inspiration who is known to be an amazing journalist and content creator. Her words are so powerful and relatable that we just love to hear all her thoughts. She has crossed more than 100k subscribers on her YouTube channel purely because of her strong and timely content. We are so happy that people appreciate such talent and support them to achieve more. She totally deserved this milestone.

7. Jissa Paul

Jissa Paul, the gorgeous content creator, received YouTube’s Silver Play button this month. She is an extraordinary dancer and is an absolute delight to watch. We are sure that no one would want to miss out on her terrific videos on her YouTube channel.

This month has been so amazing and we are so proud to see so many content creators crossing such terrific milestones. Their journeys are so interesting and they have really worked hard to reach where they are right now. Which milestone was your favourite? Tell us in comments below!

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