Tbh, 2020 wasn’t the best year for most of us because of the worldwide pandemic and lockdown. However, it was still quite a monumental year when it came to content creators. While all of us were stuck at home, many talented creators took this opportunity to create quality content. Some achieved major milestones and a few made life-changing decisions. In 2020, so much happened in the world of content creators and a few things left us completely shook. Here’s a look back at everything epic that happened in the world of social media that might leave you surprised.

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Well, we started 2020 with a bang as MissMalini Entertainment launched its very own vertical called MissMalini Trending that is solely dedicated to featuring content creators and social media news. We threw an epic launch party in the month of January 2020 and we have come a long way since then. At the moment, MissMalini Trending has more than 60k followers and it’s only upwards from here!

2. Ashish Chanchlani becomes the 2nd most subscribed YouTuber in India

Ashish Chanchlani is one of the most sought after YouTubers in the country. He has always entertained us with creative content and all his effort paid off this year. In 2020, Ashish became the 2nd most subscribed YouTuber in the country. He started his journey in 2009 and today he has 23 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Surely all the #ACVians are super proud of him!

3. Anisha Dixit dropped her username ‘Rickshawali

Anisha Dixit is an immensely popular content creator who has more than 400k followers on Instagram and 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube. This year has been monumental for her as she decided to change her brand name/username from ‘Rickshawali‘ to Anisha Dixit. This decision of hers received immense support from her fans and the creator community. Also, we are super proud of everything she does!

4. Mr. Faisu crossed 10 million followers

Faisal Shaikh a.k.a Mr. Faisu is an inspiring creator who has worked very hard to reach where he is today! 2020 was surely an epic year for him as he crossed the milestone of 10 million followers on Instagram. We are super proud of everything he does and surely his #faisusquad is proud of him too. Currently, he has more than 15 million followers on Instagram so, we are certain that 2021 would bring some great milestones as well.

5. TikTok got banned in India

In the wake of India’s rising tensions with China, earlier this year, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, Wechat and many more. TikTok is a popular short-form video app that had a huge amount of following in India. This news came upon as a shock to many creators who had a huge following on this platform. However, creators have actively started exploring other social media platforms while they hopefully wait for TikTok to be back one day. We honestly really miss the platform and can’t wait for it to return soon!

6. Instagram launched Reels

Amidst the national situation, Instagram made a historic move and announced the launch of Reels in India. This short video format offers a new way of creating and sharing videos on Instagram. The main aim of this idea was to keep people entertained on their platform with this new feature. Reels have garnered a huge amount of momentum and currently, most of us are hooked to it!

7. MostlySane wins hearts with Khayali Pulao & Mismatched

Prajakta Koli a.k.a @mostlysane has been on an absolute winning streak in 2020. Apart from creating amazing content on her YouTube and Instagram, she also starred in a short film called ‘Khayali Pulao‘. We weren’t even entirely over her short-film when she announced her lead role in a Netflix original called ‘Mismatched‘. She was starring opposite the charming Rohit Saraf and their chemistry was completely off the charts. We STILL can’t stop swooning over her acting and everything she has achieved in this year!

8. Mrunu & Anirudh Sharma announced their separation from DamnFam

A few months ago, our fave Mrunu and Anirudh announced their exit from the loved creator group, DamnFam. This news came upon as a surprise to many of their fans. However, the couple took this decision mutually and are still really good friends with the whole of DamnFam crew. They have done some amazing things since the time they went solo and we are certain that they have a lot more in store for us. Also, we loved how supportive their fans were of this decision.

9. Gauahar Khan & Zaid Darbar got hitched for life

This year surely ended on a good note for all the #Gaza fans as Zaid Darbar and Gauahar Khan finally tied the knot on 25th December. We absolutely love this couple and we cannot be happier about their wedding! Also, all their wedding pictures have us gushing. They truly make an amazing pair, don’t they?

10. Siddharth Nigam crossed 1 million subscribers on YouTube

This year is indeed ending on a good note as Siddharth Nigam crossed 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. This is quite a monumental milestone because Siddharth is the youngest Indian male actor and creator to cross a million subscribers on YouTube. We are super-duper proud of him, he only goes from strength to strength!

Well, there you go! A lot happened in 2020, however, this set of news really shook the world of content creation. So many creators tried and explored new things in 2020 and we couldn’t be happier for them. We hope 2021 is better for all of us and it brings a lot of good news your way!

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