Youl must have noticed that we keep talking about the need for a kinder internet experience every now and then. Social media has become an integral part of our lives and has a huge impact on our mental health and behaviour. Almost all the content creators in the world sadly go through so much online hate and negativity, which is so unfortunate ‘cuz they put so much effort into creating quality content. So, on the occasion of #InternationalDayOfHappiness, we asked them about how they manage to keep themselves happy on social media. Their answers truly inspired and motivated us to do better as individuals. This happiness day, if you’re looking for your daily dose of positivity, you gotta keep reading!

Check it out:

1. Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchlani is one creator who needs no introduction. However, with great fame comes great challenges! We’re certain that he has also faced his share of negativity online so, here’s how he manages to keep himself happy,

A positive environment is one of the reasons that keeps me happy and in peace. When I see my family, friends, my team happy it naturally gives me immense pleasure. When I am too restless or I am stressed due to a hectic schedule I prefer taking a break and that is the most relaxing thing that one can do and when you are relaxed you eventually are happy. Watching movies, playing video games and spending time with friends gives me happiness.

It totally depends on how you react to the negative comments that you receive. Initially, I used to feel bad and sometimes angry too and react accordingly. But, now the time has changed and I have grown up as a matured person who is thick-skinned and takes everything positively. I prefer learning from the criticism and polish my skills through compliments and when it comes to trolling I prefer ignoring or take it as a joke. I would like to spread happiness through expressing, by letting them know what I feel about them, how much I love my fans and the people around me. Also, through some harmless jokes, memes, from my own videos. Since I am an entertainer my goal will always be to entertain people and spread happiness.

2. Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar is one of the most loved creators in the country and time and again she’s blown us away with her amazing work. From creating content and dancing to making music, this KWEEN can do it all! Here’s how she deals with online negativity and keeps herself happy,

The way I keep happy on social media is by limiting how I use it! Mindfully using it. I don’t scroll endlessly and am mindful of when looking at something interesting turns into envy, or not feeling good about myself, anxiety or more. That’s when I clock out immediately!

3. Malini Agarwal

Boss lady, Malini Agarwal has time and again spoken about the importance of having a kinder internet experience. For this reason, she also launched her own Girl Tribe App, which is a social media space for women with zero negativity. Here’s how she keeps herself happy,

The truth is nobody is happy ALL the time. But for me I believe thinking happy thoughts and surrounding yourself with happy people has a huge impact on what you manifest. The internet and especially social media is an interesting beast. For me staying happy on the internet is following people who post positive uplifting content, using apps like Calm and Fabulous and completely immersing myself in the Girl Tribe community. We now have our own app! Available on iOS and Android so quick, come get your dose of happy! Dealing with hate for me has always been two ways. First, identify the motivation of the hate, is it simply trolling or is it potentially constructive or genuine feedback (even if it’s harsh.) I will give some time, energy and mental space to the latter and hope to be able to agree to disagree respectfully. The first kind of trolls or even worse, sexual harassers I have a zero-tolerance policy for and the #IgnoreNoMoreOnline campaign which is our initiative to clean up the internet. We empower people to take swift action to report offenders to the police not just to the platforms holding them accountable for their actions.

4. Anmol Sachar

Anmol Sachar is not just an amazing creator but also an extremely humble human. He has often vocally addressed the issue of online trolling and we find it super inspiring.

Over the years I’ve come to realise that acceptance is key. Acceptance of the fact that this journey like any other, is full of ups and downs. Videos that you expect will blow up, tank & vice versa. I just keep at it. What’s in my control is my hard work, my persistence & my reinvention. I just keep at it and I’m able to do it maybe because I love what I do. There was a time I would feel bad when I’d receive hate comments or troll comments. Now I feel bad for the people who make them. I feel sympathetic towards these haters.

5. Siddharth Batra

Everyone these days is talking about this guy right here ‘cuz he is out there breaking all societal stereotypes. When someone does something path-breaking, there’s always some uncalled for hate that follows. Here’s how Siddharth keeps himself happy online,

Honestly, it’s harder than it sounds – but I try to find the positive in everything I see. I’ve learnt to be a lot more empathetic than I was, a lot more understanding of people’s trigger points than I was. We’re all coping and dealing with so much every day, and especially with the pace of the internet, it’s natural for a lot of us to be affected by certain things more adversely than the rest of us. All in all, I’d say, I’ve learnt to understand every situation I’m put in a little better. Think it through and not be impulsive, it helps! Lastly, meditation really helps me! I never thought it would, but it’s revolutionary.

6. Varun Agarwal

Varun Agarwal a.k.a SettleSubtle is a widely popular fashion blogger and he’s always trying something unique with his craft. Check out his take on being happy online!

Well personally, what I do on social media (i.e. creating content) is what makes me happy. Yes, there are occasional FOMO feelings that pop up when you see someone doing better than what you probably are at that moment, but you have to consciously take time to appreciate what you have. At the same time, analyse if you really want that something and work towards it, take it as a motivating factor. The same goes with the hate comments and trolling, I always try to take it as feedback for my work. You have to learn to take these criticisms well and constantly improve. Besides, there’s so much love & support too that social media brings along. There’ll always be more reasons to be happy.

7. Shraddha Gurung

Apart from being an avid beauty and lifestyle influencer, Shraddha is also a mental health advocate. She vocally speaks about body positivity, mental health and much more. Here’s how she keeps  herself happy on social media,

Social media can be an unforgiving place so it’s important to remember that it’s only a part of our lives and not our entire life. I make sure that I don’t limit my interactions to just videos/photos and I actually take the time to form relationships and have experiences I can cherish and remember forever. So when I’m working, it’s a joyful experience too, because I choose to share whatever is it that I wish to! Most of the times, I’d say ignore any hate messages or trolls but just to keep yourself in check, make sure that you see constructive criticism as just that and not hate. Sometimes, it’s also good to call out people. It’s important to stand up for yourself. You have to lead by example and standing up for yourself is just as important as choosing not to speak in a string of hateful comments.

8. Shayamal Vallabhjee

Shayamal is a high-performance coach, sports scientist, content creator and author. We’ve always found his content extremely motivating and insightful. Here’s his secret mantra to online happiness,

1. What is in my control is the energy I put out. I ensure my page resonates positive & healing energy at all times. The energy I put out attracts a like-minded type of follower.
2. I always leave positive comments on people’s page and share their positive, happy messages openly.
3. I approach negativity with love and compassion. I understand that the person commenting negatively may be dealing with a situation or past pain they have not processed. I don’t want to add to that pain but rather be the person who helps clarifies.

How I deal with negative comments:
1. I get the person commenting negatively to question whether the way they are speaking is in alignment with how they would like to be remembered.
2. I share a personal story because it’s hard to hare a person whose story you know.
3. I try to connect with the person commenting negatively through vulnerability. I get them to see we both similar in many ways.
4. Anyone who lands on my page, I have a responsibility to educate them so that their energy does not pull another person down.

9. Geet

Geet creates such amazing motivational content that we simply cannot get enough! The internet influencers our happiness and mental health, so, here’s what Geet does to stay happy online,

My trick for staying happy on social media is by staying away from unhealthy comparisons. I set personal goals for myself, whether it be for healthy living, personal goals, content creation or achieving other milestones and I strive to achieve them, rather than looking at what someone else is doing or achieving and pushing myself “to be more like them.” Practically, this means that at times I refrain from viewing certain content if I find myself falling into the comparison trap. I choose to view only content that inspires, educates, entertains or somehow makes me feel good.

As far as haters go, unfortunately, they are everywhere. Initially, they would get to me. I would take their comments to heart and be upset and sometimes even argue with them. But, now I have come to realize that normal people don’t go around destroying other people. Haters and trolls clearly are hurting and unhappy somewhere in their own lives and the comments they make are a result of that pain. So I try to be more empathetic when dealing with them.

Well, this indeed motivated me to another level! So, on the occasion of International Day Of Happiness, we strongly hope you manage to find happiness online and don’t let negativity get to you. Tell us, what makes you happy online in the comments below!

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