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Who doesn’t love a good neutral makeup look, it works great for your daily makeup routine or literally any occasion. We’ve all probably made a huge dent in the neutral colours we use up the most whether you’ve realised. it or not. And while there’s nothing wrong with loving neutrals, I’m here to tell you that you’re missing out on all the fun of wearing colour! Now it’s easier than it was ever was before to experiment and play around with your makeup. Moreover, with a mask covering up most of our face it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with our eyes.

In fact, I feel that a great colourful eyeshadow look however simple can really boost your mood and get you out of that slump. Plus thanks to the many talented makeup artists on Instagram, all the inspiration you could ever need is is right at your fingertips. Take this as the sign you needed to get out of that rut and start to wear some colour ASAP. Ahead we’ve rounded up our favourite picks that will make you feel good about wearing colour whether you’re a neutral lover or already acing your eyeshadow game.

Keep scrolling to get inspired by some gorgeous colourful eyeshadow looks:

1. Sparkly Pink

Sparkles and shimmers galore? Yes please! Sparkles are always a great choice no matter the occasion and paired with this neon pink eyeliner it’s just on point. Pretty easy to replicate, all you need is a shimmery eyeshadow and a neon pink liner. If you don’t have a liquid liner just spritz your eyeliner brush with setting spray and dig into a neon pink eyeshadow and draw on the perfect line.

2. Sky Blue

Keep things bold yet understated by opting for a single colour all over lids and tons of mascara. Just ditch the usual pinks or purples and try this gorgeous sky blue shade that will have you stand out from the crowd. Just remember to prime your eyes before applying the shadow so you get the most vibrancy out of your colour.

3. Festival Colours

Perfect for Holi or for any other joyous festival occasion, this one calls for a little more creativity. Be bold and wear it outdoors or just have your own mini party at home. Either way, this look is undeniably fun.

4. Watercolour Moment

One pretty cool eye makeup trend is the watercolour or tie-dye effect. It involves a blend of sheer washes of colour on your lids, which come together to resemble a watercolour painting. Pick your pastel or more vibrant hues and get artsy.

5. Emerald Green Everything

Green is one underrated colour that doesn’t get enough love. It can look absolutely stunning when done right. If you’re looking to make a statement, this should be right up your alley. The graphic eye look paired with matching green lashes makes a big impact.

6. Minty Lilac

How pretty is this cool tone glam? It’s perfect for spring! The mint green and lilac combo are ever so delicate, exotic and very on-trend. Both the shades make you feel fresh and light while keeping your look vibrant without compromising on colour.

7. Intergalactic Ocean

How stunning is this starry ocean-inspired eyeshadow look? The mix of jewel-toned blues and sparkly greens is absolutely beautiful. Add on some dainty sparkly appliques to make the eyes shine and we’re obsessed! It’s inspiring us to level up our looks and experiment with different colour combinations more often.

8. Soft Rainbow

This heavenly rainbow combination makes us feel like we’re on cloud nine. Prep your lid with a white base to create a blank canvas for you to apply your other colours, allowing their vibrant hues to really pop.

9.Vivid Violet

Purple is always a super flattering colour on just about everyone and it gets much more exciting when you add some shine to it.

10. Multi-lines

This one is pretty simple and super cute! All you need is a handful of different coloured liners or eye pencils. Then start lining your eyes, stacking one colour after the other until you reach the crease.

Which one of these colourful eyeshadow looks is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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