Instagram has witnessed a number of trends ever since the inception of the Reels feature. I have watched creators take on trend after trend and come up with their own stunning versions of it too. This week, three new trends became a rage on the internet and many influencers joined the bandwagon with renditions that blew our minds. Wanna know more about these trending Reels?

Read on to find out…

1. #ActingChallenge

This trend is about ‘How fast can you change your emotions?’ The creator changes their facial expressions based on the emotion within this 15 seconds Reel. Dolly Singh‘s version of this trend left me speechless. Eliana Ghen, who was the inspiration behind this challenge, made a Reel that left everyone stunned. Check out her Reel below.

Isn’t she just amazing? You can share your thoughts about this Reel in the comments below.

2. #Temperature

This viral trend on Sean Paul‘s hit number Temperature, just brings back a whole lot of memories. Barkha Singh‘s rendition of this trend was so relatable and funny. Those on-beat moves and that hilarious filmy touch is literally the gist of this trend. If you wanna try out this Reel, make sure you do a fun dance step or groove on each music beat and… Voila!

3. 15 Photos – 2 Videos Challenge

This challenge is filled with major nostalgia vibes. The video is basically a series of your best memories captured by the cam. Creators can place of them on the beat of the Reel music, which almost looks like a montage of shots. And tbh, this Reel has that kinda music that makes you want to pay attention to the contents in the video. Don’t you agree? Manav Chhabra a.k.a Mr. Mnv absolutely nailed this one! Confession: I must’ve watched this video a hundred times already!

So guys, these were the top 3 trending Instagram Reels of the week. If you haven’t joined in and tried it out, and are eager to create some amazing videos, I hope this list gives you the inspo you need. Also ngl, I love all three of them, but do you have a favourite one from this list? Post them in the comments below!

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