During such unpredictable times, India has come together as one united front to help those in need. Be it by donating or spreading the word about the pleas, everyone has been doing everything that they can. The Mumbai Police has been doing an amazing job on the frontlines and also on social media. On Twitter, whatever be the query, their responses have been prompt and precise. And for a few gentle ‘Covid precaution’ reminder tweets, like something as basic as wearing a mask, has received a quirky treatment. We have a list of tweets that were so unique that it’ll remind you to be cautious and uplift your mood too.

Check it out…

1. The getaway cravings

The Mumbai Police has suggested the perfect ‘getaway craving solution’ during the weekend curfew. It is quite doable, isn’t expensive at all, basically free and of course very, very safe. Don’t you guy agree?

2. Mask mandate!

This creative is so smart that just by looking at it, you would want to wear a mask. If this very unromantic visual representation of the relationship between the Corona Virus and the mask does not get you to follow the precautions, what will?

3. This legendary tweet by the Mumbai Police

Clearly the mind behind this creative or post is an avid F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How I Met Your Mother Fan and wants to reach out the to the audience who is too. What a genius move to grab the attention of an audience that too so efficiently.

4. This unexpected inspiration

Did you guys read this creative in Aakash Gupta‘s voice? ‘Cause we surely did. We honestly are amazed about how this tweet copy and the creative text go well together. A match made in heaven if you ask us.

5. The kind of ‘Ghosting‘ we encourage

This tweet is so relatable ‘cause there may be so many people who still may be receiving messages like these. But our favourite part of this tweet is the hashtag – #GhostingForGood. Tbh, the kind of ghosting y’all need to start doing right now, if you haven’t been doing so already.

6. Hungry kya?

This tweet screams pun intended to the max, but for a good cause of course. I genuinely like how there are some standard craving based messages that a lot of us may have received at least once in the last few weeks. And, if going forward if we do receive messages like these, this tweet creative is going to be our reply-inspo.

7. Two words with so much emotions

The depth of emotions in this one creative can be felt to a whole new level. We really don’t think anyone ever noticed this, but bonus marks to the creator of this post, for showing the Twitteratis this perspective. * Slow claps*

8. Sports edition

We absolutely love the way – issuing a warning, a gentle reminder and a fun sport has been merged so well in this on pic. We bet this tweet has been totally impactful. We also quite love how Mumbai Police is taking on corona quite ‘sportingly’.

9. A twist to this Disney story

This one by far tops our list of favourite Mumbai Police tweets. Going that extra mile here, the creator took the effort to change the glass heels to a mask which seems quite colour-coordinated with Cinderalla’s ballroom gown too. How thoughtful and hands down impactful.

10. This gesture is aww…

This sweet reply from the Mumbai Police team to this guy, who made sure he visually could show them that he won’t be stepping out till the end of this month. How awesome are you guys? Infinite!

So here were a few tweets from the Mumbai Police Twitter account that were so thoughtful, impactful, informative and yet could bring a smile to your face. Given that the current situation has been a stressful and uncertain one, having the Mumbai Police and their social media team as well, be available to not only pay heed to concerns but also be of instant help, makes us all feel nothing but proud. We at MissMalini would like to extend our gratitude to every frontline warrior who has been working day and night to ensure all of our safety and who have been striving for our good health. Thank you so much!

Also, let us contribute in our own little ways to help bring better times soon by adhering to the rules, staying at home and staying safe.