9 Phrases That Help Me Get A Grip During A Difficult Situation

Sakshi Kore , 28 Apr 2021

In a fast-paced world like ours, there is an increase in daily pressures. Striking a work-life balance needs some serious practice because of the workload in today’s day and age. In a situation like this, there’s one too many who deal with some level of anxiety. It doesn’t have to be clinical anxiety but just feeling burdened with an influx of negative thoughts; all those what-ifs, it can get tough. So in difficult situations that we face at home or at work, not everyone can keep their calm. I personally struggle with that a lot but I knew that I needed to come up with a solution to tackle this very problem of mine. That’s why I turned to realistic and positive phrases that help me get a grip in situations that have the potential to really stress me out.

It’s necessary that the things we tell ourselves are not just realistic and positive but we must also believe in them. Only when you do that will repeating any phrase be of help. Ahead, you can find 9 such easy things I tell myself to calm myself down.

1. My thoughts and feelings are in my control and I choose to let go of the bad thoughts.

2. What’s the worst outcome and is it really that bad?

3. There is always a solution to the problem, I just have to stay calm and let it come to me.

4. It’s just a difficult situation and it will pass.

5. I have always overcome difficult situations and I will do it this time as well.

6. I am worthy and more than my mistakes.

7. I can’t control all the bad things that happen to me. I can just navigate through them.

8. It’s just a bad situation, not a bad life.

9. If I’m hard on myself, dealing with this situation will be harder. So be nice.

The next time you feel like you’re losing your mind, try repeating these phrases out loud. Hopefully, they’ll help you calm down and get to a solution quickly!

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