This world would be nothing if not for rules. Rules keep people in check and they are necessary for the smooth-sailing functioning of human life. But, not all rules that exist today are really required. In fact, we all know and live with a few of them that are rubbish and don’t even make sense. Sadly, this is the case when it comes to fashion as well. I mean, if fashion is a form of art and art is a form of expression, how are we expressing with hundred per cent authenticity if there are rules in place?

Well, here’s the thing—these rules in art and fashion aren’t legally binding and they are nothing more than personal opinions. Fashion rarely actually has any “rules“. Ahead, we break some of these for you so you feel free to express yourself and wear what you want how you want!

Debunking 7 fashion rules:

Rule: Do not mix prints.

Reality: Mixing prints is fun!

They say, opposites attract, yes? So how is mixing prints blasphemy? (An exaggerated expression but you know what I mean.) In fact, clashing prints makes for an interesting outfit. There’s much to gauge, it adds layers to your look and shows that you not only put effort into your ensemble but are also not afraid to experiment. Just as wearing a single print head to toe has its own charm, mixing two or more prints is beautiful in itself. There are however tips to curate a good print-on-print look. Keeping your colour palette in check, balancing the sizes of the print, adding minimal accessories to keep all the elements of the look in the spotlight are a few tricks to follow.

Myth: Always match all elements of the outfit.

Reality: Absolutely not. More colour, the better it is!

Sure there is nothing wrong with going all matchy-matchy but it’s not a definite rule. It was a style that was heavily followed back in the day but today, it’s all about mixing and matching sartorial elements that you wouldn’t ideally imagine to go together. So if that’s wearing a white and green, floral-printed dress with red and pink shoes, as long as it feels good and doesn’t look odd to you, you’re good to go! I’m sure you’ve heard of colour-blocking and clashing prints (you just did on top!), right?

Kriti Sanon
Kriti Sanon

Myth: Sequins are inappropriate in the daytime.

Reality: Sequins are bold and fun in the daytime!

The bold and eye-catching quality of sequins is why they stand out so well in the nighttime. Also because they’re mostly associated with party-dressing. But that doesn’t imply your outfit is inappropriate if it comes with a little bit of sparkle in the daytime. The key lies in the balance. Sure if you wear a maroon, heavily-sequinned gown to your office, people are going to wonder if you’re on your way to a fashion show. But if you wear a bold sequinned top with a pair of solid-coloured pants and tone down the drama, you’ll fit right in. You just have to ensure you don’t go overboard.

Look at Ananya Panday‘s outfit as an example, sure she stepped out wearing that electric blue, sequin top in the night but it can work just well during the daytime as well. The denim shorts and millennial pink shoes dialled down the drama of the entire look doesn’t the outfit still standout?

Ananya Panday
Ananya Panday

Myth: Dress according to your body type.

Reality: Dress however you like!

Look, we have one life. If we spend that trying to dress according to how and where our curves are placed, we might as well just follow all the rules and forget the fun. Yes, dressing for your body type is a famous piece of advice but get this, it’s advice and nothing more. Advice that even I have been guilty of giving but learned that it’s actually just a nicer way of body shaming.

Petite frames shouldn’t wear bold prints or maxi dresses or curvy frames should avoid body-hugging silhouettes because achieving that hourglass figure is the ultimate goal? First ask yourself, who said an hourglass shape is the ideal body figure for women and inverted triangle for men? Or that thin and long is better than short or wide? Here are my two cents: wear what you like how you like it and don’t try to create an illusion of a certain figure. Instead, embrace your body in your own way!

Myth: Keep your age in mind while dressing up.

Reality: Age is a number and has nothing to do with fashion!

I’m sure we’ve all heard people dropping unsolicited opinions like, hey, I don’t think wearing mini dresses or short skirts is appropriate at your age. Firstly, where does it say that showing legs is appropriate when you’re younger and odd when you’re older? This is just one example under the umbrella of age-appropriate dressing. Age-appropriate dressing should instead focus on the kind of image you want to be associated with, how to integrate youthful trends and style them with sophistication and lastly, making people understand that dressing in what feels good and comfortable should be your main lookout.

Myth: Heels aren’t for tall girls.

Reality: Tall girls can absolutely enhance their height further!

It’s a bit of an absurd rule that tall girls should stick to flats but if you’re a tall girl reading this and want to wear heels, listen to me and do it! Flaunt it, flaunt those extra inches and know that there is nothing wrong in looking taller than you already are. And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, tell them you’re more of a rule-breaker than a follower and that there is nothing abnormal in tall women looking taller.

Myth: Moms-to-be should opt for floaty dresses.

Reality: Mom-to-be can opt for anything that’s comfortable!

The common advice is that women should dress in clothes that hide their bump. But hide it why? There is absolutely nothing wrong in embracing that bump in all its glory because for starters, that bump is nature-made and secondly, you’re growing a human inside you. Shouldn’t you then instead be flaunting it? Yes, you should. So if you feel like wearing that stretchy, body-hugging dress or a floaty maxi, dress up for yourself and wear what you like!

To conclude, there are pretty much no rules in fashion except one and that is to be your comfortable and authentic self! What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below.

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