Throughout the pandemic I have been watching people proudly working out and posting pictures of their banging bodies with both admiration and TBH, a little envy. Why can’t I do that? I’d ask myself. And I know the answer has always been I can (and I should) but I’ve conveniently blamed my hectic work schedule and convinced myself that it’s too late or that I’m too old or just don’t know where to begin. Yes, yes, all terrible excuses, especially for someone who prides herself on being a problem solver/’never-say-never’ kinda gal.

So here we go… Part of my problem is that I don’t like to do stuff half-assed. And since everyone knows abs are made in the kitchen just as much as in the gym I’ve enlisted the help of @radhikasbalancedbody and @kriyabydiya to help me accomplish mission #BangingBod haha. (I need a better hashtag I know.) Suggestions are welcome!

I will also be documenting my month-long journey of pilates, strength training, MOTR, yoga and following a nutrition plan to achieve holistic health and fitness to take better care of my body and what I put in it just as much as I care what I put on it! Wish me luck and stay tuned across my social media and the Girl Tribe App for updates and live chats with my two trainers for what they have in store. Super excited and happy Monday everyone… Today is Day #1!

MissMalini's fitness challenge.
MissMalini’s fitness challenge.

P.S: I’ll share all my personal hacks along the way so you can follow them if you want to! Please wish me luck, I shall need it! Partly documenting this so I don’t give up midway…