Every season of Bigg Boss brings to us some interesting set of contestants and while they are super entertaining to watch, what I love is how they have left us with some amazing ‘pearls of wisdom.’ Yes, not only have I, but even some Bollywood celebrities like Janhvi Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, and Deepika Padukone have tripped on some famous dialogues from Bigg Boss contestants. But have you thought, how some of them can really make for some savage comebacks? Especially, for the Poojas out there, aren’t you also tempted to just ask them ‘what is this behavior?’, well if you are…

Here are 7 comebacks that you can use, courtesy, ex-Bigg Boss contestants…

‘Get Off My Back’ (Pooja Missra, Bigg Boss 5)

This one is for all the Poojas out there and in case you don’t remember this one, Janhvi Kapoor recreated this on Instagram some time back. So next time if someone tells you, ‘Pooja, what is this behavior?’, you know what to say!

Check out Janhvi Kapoor’s version of ‘get off my back,’ here:

‘One Arm Distance’ (Hina Khan, Bigg Boss 11)

Actress Hina Khan emerged as a real boss lady on the reality show and while she aced every task, her go-to word for everyone was ‘one arm distance’. So, next time if you don’t want someone to annoy you, then Hina’s saying is to your rescue.

‘Mereko Farak Nahi Padta’ (Eijaz Khan, Bigg Boss 14)

The last season of Bigg Boss also gave us some interesting dialogues, but the one that really caught on was Eijaz Khan’s ‘mere ko farak nahi padta’ and I don’t need to tell you where all can you use this, right?

‘Tauda Kutta Tommy, Sada Kutta Kutta’ (Shehnaaz Gill, Bigg Boss 13)

This particular dialogue that ex-contestant Shehnaaz Gill said on the show became such an instant hit that songs were made on it. What was even more amazing was when celebrities started making reels on it. I still remember the super cute reel, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone made on Instagram.

Check it out here:

‘Time Out’ (Imam Siddique, Bigg Boss 6)

Source: YouTube | Viral Clips

I will never forget the expression on Salman Khan’s face, when ex-contestant Imam Siddique told him ‘time out, Salman bhai’ during a weekend episode. And while this became a staple for Imam on the show, it really picked on with the audience outside too.

‘Two Rupees Person’ (Kamaal R Khan, Bigg Boss 3)

In Bigg Boss 3 when KRK said this during an argument, little did he know about how famous his ‘ 2 rupees person’ dialogue would get. I have legit, used this to tease friends and you can also do so just to get back some fun reaction.

‘Zindagi Jhand Ba Phir Bhi Ghamand Ba’ (Ravi Kisan, Bigg Boss 1)

Last but not the least, this was the dialogue that became a part of many people’s lingo during conversations with friends and if you go to see, this was the one that lead other such iconic dialogues to follow. And I must say, this one is the most savage of all.

Well, now that I have given you a list of some super amazing comebacks, you can totally be a pro when it comes to giving it back. You can thank me later!