Aamir Khan celebrates his 57th birthday today and the actor cut the cake with the media this morning. The actor looked so handsome as he was in a super casual mode with denim teamed up with an easy breezy pink shirt. I’m totally loving this look.

Check this video to see how the actor celebrated his birthday.

Interestingly, Aamir also opened up about his birthday plans and how he’s changed in the last few months in a heartfelt conversation with the media. He also revealed who gave him the best gift this year.

Aamir shared,

“I’ve got the best gift of my life from Kiran (Rao), 2-3 days back. It’s my deepest relationship and she knows me the best so I asked her the things in me which I need to improve and how I could work on my weaknesses. It was very important for me to know that from her and understand. She expressed these things to me very beautifully. It’s very important to understand how a person so close to you sees you and the improvement they want to see in you. That was the best thing. I’ve started working on those things immediately. I’m not shy or scared to analyse myself or my flaws. I would love to see my flaws and correct them because life is a journey. Life is a journey each day, and you may or may not reach where you want to but what matters is how you’ve live this journey. That’s what matters.”

Amidst the pandemic, when we all had time to be at home and analyse, the actor has had some very interesting realisations and he’s perhaps a different person now.

He added,

“A lot of changes have come in me in the last 1 year, 2 years, six weeks, 6 days – because there are so many things I’m realising and that change is coming in me rapidly. We were at home due to Covid, so I got a lot of time to analyse life and I think by now we’ve all realize how delicate life is. I realised time is the most important. We all know we are going to go some day and we don’t know how much time we have. When we know this but it’s important how we spend our time. Now I’ll rectify myself and spend time with people – be it my family or media or the audience. Every one has a different place in our lives. I want to give enough time to all these relationships and make them healthy. We have very less time so let’s make use of it and spend time with our family, our parents.”

The actor’s next is Laal Singh Chaddha is set to release on August 11. The fans are absolutely excited to seeing him on-screen.

Talking about the film and his character, Khan added,

“I now feel we will get the time we need to complete the film the way we want since it releases on August 11. We were all trying to deal with the changing times and situations during the pandemic since the film was happening during that time. The character of Laal Singh and his heart is so pure that he can never do anything negative to anyone, cannot even think of it. So, I hope those things have come in me from that character.”

Here’s wishing Khan a very happy birthday and I can’t wait to see him on-screen again on August 11.