The year 2020 was a very difficult one for the whole world with the Covid-19 pandemic changing the course of all of our lives forever. But for the Hindi film industry, the pain was accentuated as we lost some of our stalwarts just within a few months into the situation. One of those losses was of the legendary Rishi Kapoor who took his last breath on April 30, 2020. Being a part of this industry, I experienced the affect of it up, close and it indeed was a tough time. But now, I am really looking forward to seeing the late superstar for one last time in his swan song, Sharmaji Namkeen, and for that, his son Ranbir Kapoor has a very special message.

The makers of the film took to social media today to share a video message recorded by Ranbir as the trailer of Sharmaji Namkeen releases tomorrow. And it has just struck on all the strings in my heart.

Here’s Ranbir’s message:

He said,

“This film is not only special for me because it is papa’s last film but because he really believed in the story. I remember when dad fell sick during the shoot, all he wanted was to somehow complete the shooting of the film, but life had other plans. You must have heard ‘the show must go on’, but I have seen papa live this life.”

The actor added that after his father’s demise, they thought for a moment that the film won’t ever be completed. The team even tried using VFX or putting prosthetics on him to complete the film but nothing worked out.

Ranbir shared,

“That was a tough time for all of us and that’s when Mr Paresh Rawal stepped in and helped us finish the film. It was very generous of him to take up this challenge because it is very rare for two actors to take up one character. Thanks to Paresh ji, we were able to finish papa’s last film and bring it to you. It will always be one of my fondest memories of my father, being up there on the screen and bringing a smile to his countless fans.”
Sharmaji Namkeen (Source: instagram | @excelmovies)

He urged people to give the film as much love as they have always given his father, and seeing him narrate this story just had me smiling while also welling up my eyes at the same time. Even though I belong to the generation that has seen Ranbir make a glowing career in showbiz in front of my eyes, Rishi ji still always seemed relatable and someone who I looked up to. He was and will always remain a special part of my life and I am waiting eagerly to see his last outing on screen with Sharmaji Namkeen on March 31.