Let’s not waste any time ‘cause ‘aapdo Gujuarti chokro’, Viraj Ghelani has touched my inner ‘Gujju‘ to a level that I can’t express. From making relatable videos, especially for Gujaratis, he has created his niche. Watching his monologues for Gujarati moms, friends, parents and households has literally made me share all his videos on my family groups, I have no doubt you’d be doing the same, right? There isn’t a Reel by him where I don’t go like ‘same Viraj same’. The relatability level where I connect to him is way above maxxxxx. So, scroll down do watch some of his ‘saachi varta‘! :p

Viraj being the voice of Gujaratis like…

1. Dancing to Gujarati songs

Aye haaloooo, if you’re a Gujarati and you haven’t danced to any Gujarati songs including Dholida from Gangubai then are you even a ‘Gujju‘ bruh? Garba, dandiya… in general dancing runs in every ‘Gujjus’ blood, amirite? His expressions while dancing on the hook step legit shows his inner ‘Gujju‘. Honestly, looking at Viraj dance on this number makes me wanna skip to Navaratri.

2. Gujaratis and their morning meals

As a Gujarati kid, I can personally relate to this! For ‘Gujjus‘ breakfast is a fast only, hahah. Gujarati parents are like let’s skip to the good part which is directly lunch, lol. Also yes, let’s not forget the leftovers of last night. Only if that’s there then we can have our ‘nashto‘ (snacks).

3. Gujarati households

OMG, idk about you but this scenario justifies the situation in my house for sure. Not a single thing is in its place everrrrrr. Wherever there’s space there are things that shouldn’t be there. We Gujaratis have some ‘alaag keeda of DIYs only haha. This house tour Reel is literally everyone’s ‘ghar ghar ki kahaani’.

4. The ‘Gujju‘ accent

This generation is known for their typical slangs like ‘jhakaas‘ and ‘jugaad‘. But here’s Viraj giving a twist to the trend by his amazing Gujarati accent. Have you ever seen a Reel this sensual and hilarious at the same time? Well, now you have! Viraj sounds so ‘meetodo‘ (sweet) here, hehe.

5. Gujarati mummy’s

Firstly, whatever may come at the end of the day Gujarati’s come down to mummy only instead of mom, haha. This is more of a real talk than just a relatable Reel. All Gujarati mothers are like ‘koine kehta nai‘ (don’t tell anyone) and then they go and tell everyone. Adding a straight face emoji here to express my feelings towards our mothers, aa su che. (what ya)

6. Gujarati standards

This happens more than once at my house for sure. Hypocrisy is the key to living a happy life in a Gujarati household, hahah. When an elderly person asks not to do something and then they are legit seen doing the same thing kinda sums up our relationship with all the older ones in the house. Especially when it comes to watching TV (specifically Anupama) and eating food.

I’m not going to lie at all. While writing this I was either laughing, showing his Reels to my dadi or wondering how he could be so relatable to me. I’m proud to be a Gujarati and our everyday scenarios make us love each other even more. On that note, I hope everyone’s wearing their masks and staying home as it’s almost April and Viraj’s birthday is coming super soon. Let’s not upset him, dosto.

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