Vipul Amrutlal Shah brought an intriguing story depicting the dark side of the medical profession in his web series Human this year. I was mightily impressed with the intricacies he brought to screen with the show and now that he has announced his new project, The Kerala Story, my curiosity has increased considering the horrifying yet true subject it deals with.

The filmmaker has teamed up with writer-director Sudipto Sen to narrate a horrifying tale of women trafficking from God’s own country – Kerala. The makers have released a short announcement video that shows a state dignitary talking about the ongoing systematic kidnapping and trafficking of thousands of young women from Kerala to ISIS and other war stricken zones of the world.

Check out the announcement here:

Talking about the project, Vipul says,

“This story is a human tragedy, one that will shake you to the core. When Sudipto came and narrated it to me along with his research of over 3-4 years, I was in tears in the first meeting itself. That was the very day I decided to make this film. I am glad that we are now progressing with the film and we hope to make a very real, unbiased and true narrative of events.”

Sudipto adds,

“As per a recent investigation, since 2009 – nearly 32,000 girls from Kerala and Mangalore from Hindu and Christian communities have been converted to Islam and most of them end up landing in Syria, Afghanistan, and other ISIS and Haqqani influential areas! Despite accepting these facts, the government is hardly contemplating any definitive action plan against such huge international conspiracies led by ISIS-influenced groups. During our research and travels across the region, we have seen the tears of the mothers of the eloped girls. We found some of them in the jails of Afghanistan and Syria. Some have no trial whatsoever. Most of the girls were married to the dreaded ISIS terrorists and have babies with them. The dark to darkest future waits for them. This important film is trying to hear the cry of all the mothers who have lost their daughters.”

The film is promising to unravel some of the darkest realities of this country that are sure to move the viewers. With the credibility associated with Vipul’s name alone, I am certain that this project will be one to watch out for.