The music genre has been growing multifold as we speak, and with lots of music singles coming out every day, as an audience, I am really left spoilt for choice. However, recently when I heard the song Neendra by Shibani Kashyap, I was very impressed, for it was one song that really managed to pull my heartstrings. Well, with the song leaving me smitten, I decided to speak to Shibani about Neendra, her little stint with acting on television and lots more.

Here are the excerpts from the interview…

On Neendra…

My journey with Neendra has been truly beautiful. We came up with this song during the lockdown. KP music and lyricist Veen Ranjha created a song that suited my voice and singing style. We completed the audio couple of months back and then I played it to zee music company. They instantly loved it and started to plan the video shoot. The video turned out lovely, it features actors Abhishek Verma and Kashika Kapoor and is directed by Aslam Khan. It is a very bright, cute, vibrant with a catchy dance hook step and I am super thrilled that everyday people are making so many reels on this song! It crossed 1.5 million views organically. In fact, on many audio streaming platforms it has already come on top 3.

In case you don’t know, Shibani has also acted on television in the past, we had seen her on the popular show Veera and yes, we did speak about the same.

On her stint on television with Veera, Shibani said…

My stint in the TV show Veera was super fine. I was actually playing a music mentor and a pop star so I was pretty much playing myself. I enjoyed every bit of it and suddenly gained a huge amount of new fans, it was a lot of hard work. The team was amazing and my co-actors were superb to work with. I would love to act again if I get the opportunity.

Commenting on the amazing content being created today, Shibani said…

With so many streaming platforms and short video apps, so many creators are being able to showcase their talent through their content. It’s so accessible yet so much clutter too… so if the content is good unique and slick then one can stand out. The quality of the content has to be good. Yes, it is an exciting time for content making!

Shibani Kashyap
Shibani Kashyap (Source: Instagram | @shibanikashyap)

Sharing her take on music singles, Shibani adds,

Music singles are booming. In fact, more so ever since the pandemic, artists started creating music content like never before. I have released 8 singles since 2020. It’s boom time for music singles. And also it gives artists an opportunity to keep expressing their music without being dependent on Bollywood.

Well, after giving us a peppy song like Neendra, I am sure there are some amazing songs that Shibani has to offer and honestly, I am looking forward to them.