Instagram has legit been our source to know more about new and trending songs. And with creators trying to add their own twists to Reel trends, watching renditions of old songs can make it even more entertaining. A song that content creators just can’t seem to get enough of is ‘Jhoom’ by Ali Zafar. This soulful song when used in Reels can really amp up that vibe and make it even more magical. Here are a few creator Reels on this trending number that just made it even more wholesome!

Here they are:

1. Mrunal Panchal & Anirudh Sharma

Hayee, Mrunu and Anirudh exactly know how to make us all fall in love with them. #Mrunirudh has perfectly capsuled their romantic moment with this beautiful song that we just cannot get enough of. The cutest part is when they get their cheeks together and make the most ‘aww-dorable’ heart. And OMG, Anirudh’s reaction, in the end, is priceless! <3

2. Shruti Sinha

If you can’t help smiling at this Reel, give us a high five!  Shruti Sinha, we have to say, ‘jitni tu milti jaaye utni lage thodi thodi’. Absolutely loveeee how the aesthetic visuals and beautiful lyrics are in sync. You can’t blame us for watching this Reel for the hundredth time now, hehe!

3. Just Neel Things and Shazeb Sheikh

Watching Neel and Shazeb dance together has got us jhooming too! Their smooth dance moves legit blew our minds and tbh we just wanted this Reel to not end. Now that’s what you can say is a wholesome Reel, amirite? Signing a petition to watch you both sway and collab together more!

4. Shanice Shrestha

We truly love how this one focuses on self-love. Spending some alone time doing the things that we love the most is something we never really pay much attention to but it sure is something we all should be doing, right? Also, just like Shanice we too are obsessed with this song!

5. Ashi Khanna

This Reel of Ashi Khanna has convinced us that she’s an ‘apsara’. Well, speaking about obsession, Ashi we totally are obsessed with YOU. Also, how can we miss highlighting the fact that this slo-mo Reel is just too good, we don’t think there would’ve been a better song for this one! Ashi is totes leaving us spellbound with her elegance and how!

6. Sameeksha Sud

Our cutie, Sameeksha Sud recently received the Golden Play button from YouTube! And she expressed her gratitude to her social media fam by dedicating this soulful song to them. Isn’t this Reel super cuteee and adorable? Sam we wish you achieve more great milestones!

7. Ankita Chhetri and Sushant Khatri

Gosh, if the lyrics of this wholesome song had a visual representation then it would definitely be this Reel. Ngl, but our obsession for this song increased 10x times after watching this dance choreography by Ankita Chhetri and Sushant Khatri. Loveee the way they express each and every line of the song so beautifully and gracefully, we legits got goosebumps. Brb, going to learn these moves right now!

So these were a few Reels by content creators that justified the lyrics of this popular song, ‘Jhoom’ so well that we could not get them out of our heads. If you’re thinking of trying out a Reel on this trending audio then we hope these videos turned out to be all the inspo you needed. So get out there and try ‘em out right away. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave trends, influencers and creators. Stay safe!