Music has the power to drive us to dance like no one is looking, sing till our heart desires,  and most importantly make us touch many emotions that we leave unaddressed.

There is a limitless variety of music to listen to, from rock and roll, and folk to electronic and pop, and everything in between.  Finding the tunes that speak to you is crucial.

According to research, Music improves memory and retention, as well as learning ability.

Our brains stimulate specific emotions, sensations, and thoughts, which frequently result in improved mental health. We sat down with Mrs. Meeta Nagpal, the founder of Musical Dreams to discuss the impact of music on our lives.

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1. Boost your motivation and mood

Positive feelings and optimism go hand in hand with good mental health. When you’re having a horrible day, nothing beats listening to an upbeat and joyful song as loudly as possible. Upbeat, fast-paced music gets your mind and body flowing, energizing and motivating you to embrace what is ahead.

According to studies, classical and ambient music have the best mood-boosting properties, whereas hard electronic music may have the opposite impact.

2.  Stress reduction

Soothing, ambient music has a relaxing effect on the mind. To reduce your stress, avoid listening to loud rock or metal. If you want to release tension, seek tracks that include a lot of ambient and peaceful music.

3. Music can help you be more creative.

Music can inspire and can take you to various levels of your own intellect thus, increasing your creativity and enhancing thought processes.

4. Music aids in growth.

Music enhances in assisting all areas of child development. It improves mind and body coordination and helps children to understand sounds. Music enhances the emotional quotient of all age groups.

Even if a person learns music as a hobby it shows a remarkable increase in self-esteem and confidence.

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5. You Can Stay Active with Music

Being active is an important part of maintaining excellent mental and physical health, and many songs can help you start the day and get through your activities. You can listen to these songs while exercising to increase your activity level. Music and exercise release certain hormones which increase your happiness quotient.

6.  Music can assist you in expressing your emotions.

We all face hard times in our life. When you’re upset, it’s stated that you pay more attention to song lyrics, and it’s not uncommon to find yourself in them. You can begin analyzing the words of your favorite songs to better convey and understand your emotions.

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7. You Can Concentrate While Listening to Music

Working on a project or even reading anything can easily lead to distraction. Luckily, numerous playlists with music can help you focus on your tasks. Instrumental music is the best choice in this case. Your mind will concentrate on the matter at hand if there are no lyrics to focus on, and your concentration will improve. Your heartbeat and respiration will become more regulated if you listen to music with a regular beat, helping you to concentrate more on your work and so enhancing your motivation

8. Music Has the Power to Boost Your Motivation

We all have a list of dull activities to complete. Fortunately, some musical genres can help you get through these seemingly tedious duties.

9. Music Can Assist in Pain Management

While listening to music at any time is beneficial, the researchers found that listening to music before surgery resulted in better outcomes. Music listeners also required less medicine to control their pain.  According to some studies, when patients were permitted to choose their music, their pain management results improved slightly, though not statistically different.

10. It boosts the quality of your sleep.

Music has a natural calming effect on many people. You aren’t alone if you need music to fall asleep or manage insomnia. According to research, students who listen to classical music before bed, sleep better than those who listen to an audiobook or do nothing.  As a result, music can be used to help with assisting healthy sleep patterns.


Music is the ability to enhance our mental health.  The capacity of music to ease stress should not be overlooked.

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