June is most definitely one of my favourite months. The sound of the rain as it hits my window, the taste of seasonal fruits as I first bite into them, thinking about how I don’t have to go back to college for a good month. The list is endless—oh, and of course, June is Pride Month!

Pride Month is annually celebrated towards the end of June, in tribute to those involved in the Stonewall Riots. And we’ve gotten used to gearing up with our rainbow flags, dousing ourselves in make-up, and joining in on the fun. With parades and concerts going on across the globe there’s always a way to get involved if you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community or just an ally. If you’re participating in Pride month through Zoom calls and virtual parades then scroll on.

Here are a few ways you can subtly channel your Pride spirit:

1) Socks

This item is perhaps the easiest way to channel your inner Pride spirit, right from your couch. Imagine extending your feet onto the table in front of you and settling in to relax and watch your favourite rom-com, or virtual event. Be it a rainbow print, stripes, polka dots, ankle socks are perfect for that warm cosy feeling.

2) Scarves

Scarves are my go-to when I want to add a little something extra to my outfits without putting in too much effort. A patterned or colour-blocked scarf could work wonders for your outfit. From tie-dye to batik, from prints to solid colours, the options are endless. I like to purchase these from smaller, home-grown stores and boutiques since we’re all now being Vocal For Local, but there are lots of great options available online too. Use these to add fun and flair to your pride outfit.

3) Masks

It breaks my heart that the word ‘facemasks’ now opens to images of medical supplies instead of skincare, but oh well! Since I’m trying to embrace the chaos that has now become our lives, I’ve begun to experiment with the kind of masks I use. There are wonderful ones to use that make your pride outfit look stylish while making sure you’re safe. While you can always DIY a mask for yourself using nothing but two rubber bands and a scarf.

4) Hair Accessories

Probably the most underrated type of accessory out there, hair clips, pins, headbands and wraps aren’t given nearly as much credit as they deserve. Functional and fashionable, these are great to keep your quarantine bangs out of your face. From pearl-studded, hair clips to diamante pins these subtle but significant add-ons are essentials we often forget about. Use these to instantly look more put together, and easily add a little drama to your pride outfit.

5) Footwear

It’s crazy just how much a pair of footwear can add to your outfit. If you’re lounging at home, stick to colourful slides paired with socks. Or if you’re taking a risk and running an errand, choose a pair of holographic sneakers. Alternatively, if you’re out attending a virtual soiree, make use of dainty and delicate flats. The key is to feel comfortable and to look cool. With a fun pair on your feet, you’re sure to feel the pride spirit.

While it can be upsetting to not be able to celebrate important days and events, it is essential to keep your spirits up and running. Remember that the LGBTQIA+ community can be supported and encouraged from the safety of your abode.

Stay home, but do join virtual parades, attend Zoom parties, listen to webinars, and be there for your friends. Dress up to feel happy, read to educate yourself, and watch to entertain yourself. Keep in mind that you aren’t alone and that a little bit of rainbow sparkle and the right accessories go a long way.

How will you be celebrating Pride this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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