Creators on Instagram just do not entertain us but also educate and inspire us. Especially, in this fast pacing world, it’s important to be aware of the things happening in your surroundings. One such creator who keeps us updated with all things legal is Tanya Appachu. She is a lawyer by profession but through Instagram, she educates us about women’s rights and all the legal proceedings. It’s difficult to explain the language of law in simple words without any jargon but she has managed to do the same amazingly. Scroll down to know more about her and her content.

Who is Tanya Appachu?

Tanya is a lawyer as well as a digital creator who started her Instagram page, yourinstalawyer when she was on a break from her full-time job while she was pregnant. She has a degree in law from ILS Law
College in Pune and a postgraduate certificate in intellectual property rights from National Law
School of India University in Bengaluru. Reels gave her a push to start creating content and well the pandemic just helped that even more.

All about her content

She started her page after realizing that Indian women despite being highly educated and independent don’t actually understand the country’s laws. Due to a lack of awareness, she felt the need to give her knowledge to everyone out there through her content. Hence, her content is about all things legal and social rights. She also hopes to educate and inspire women of all ages, ethnicities, and creeds.

Here’s one of her viral Reels

The Reel above which is about ‘Rajasthan High court gives a guy 15 days of parole to make his wife pregnant’ is one of her viral videos and the second one is ‘Employment Laws’. The best part about her content is the fact that she curates and disseminates information in a very straightforward language and without any jargon which honestly is very easy to follow and understand.

On being asked about her content she said…

They say that by helping others we help ourselves. Those words are very true to my life. By giving strangers on the internet the strength to stand up for themselves in adversity, I found my calling. Social media has given me the opportunity to reach out to so many of you and create an impact on so many lives and give you the power to question things with just a piece of information. I believe knowledge is power and I aim to empower everyone one short video at a time.

Her page is super insightful and filled with so many things that we didn’t know we were eligible for. Her page is a guide to you building your knowledge. We feel so well educated about our surroundings after scrolling through her Reels. You should do the same as it’ll definitely help you gain some knowledge. On that note, follow @missmalinitrending to get more information about your fave influencers, trends and creators. Stay safe!