In the first week of Bigg Boss 16, I have already seen game mode on for many contestants. I must say they all seem to have some strategies influenced by previous seasons. So far, I have seen lots of fights, in fact, the discord with regards to ration distribution in yesterday’s episode gave me a taste of what to expect going further. Having said that, today’s episode is special, as the housemates will have a guest. As per what we saw in the Bigg Boss 16 promo today, social media sensation from Tanzania, Kili Paul will pay a visit to the Bigg Boss 16 house, but will also take a task along. This task is to be performed between Abdu Rozik and MC Stan, called the reel task. Going by the promos we have seen, housemates will side with MC Stan and Sumbul Touqeer. But there is a lot more that I will keep you updated with here, so read on!

11:31 pm: Everyone tries to console MC Stan. Sajid brings him to Shiv and they hug it out. They sort things out.

11:22 pm: MC Stan cries and the fight only gets worse.

11:20 pm: Gautam tells Shiv not to fight because Salman Khan will reprimand them on the weekend. But Shiv misbehaves and that leads to an argument between them. Shiv comments how Guatam has intervened between them for footage.

11:16 pm: Shiv and Stan’s argument gets heated, Sreejita, Gori, and Sajid try to sort it out. Shiv later consoles Stan. However, their fight over money and fame only intensifies.

11:12 pm: Gori and Shiv discuss how everyone is fake in the house. Archana and Gautam make fun of Stan’s possessions. MC expresses how he didn’t like Shiv making fun of him. Stan gets irritated with Shiv’s attitude.

11:09 pm: Abdu sings a song for MC Stan. And has some fun. They also discuss if they would leave a girl for each other.

11:07 pm: MC Stan warns Sajid how Manya picks fights even at night. They later discuss the task. Manya and Archana discuss how Tina has a problem with them talking to Gautam and how Tina was flirting with Shalin.

11:05 pm: Sumbul declares that she made a mistake in the announcement, but Bigg Boss doesn’t let her change the decision. Sumbul gets upset. Gori also cries for being unhappy with the arrangement.

11:03 pm: Bigg Boss explains to Abdu and Shiv how housemates blame Shiv for Abdu’s loss. He then asks Sumbul and Stan about their decision to bedroom switch. Archana expresses her disappointment with the new change.

11:00 pm: Gautam and Nimrit discuss how Tina will only support anyone till she gets what she wants. Manya gets offended by Archana for downgrading her Miss India title.

10:58 pm: MC Stan apologises to Abdu for others supporting him. Sajid consoles them. He tells them not to take anything to heart.

10:56 pm: Tina tells Shalin how she feels Sumbul is not okay if Tina joins them in their bedroom. Shalin denies all such assumptions.

10:47 pm: Tina gets offended by Shalin’s behaviour. She tells Shalin how she didn’t like him opposing their bedroom shifting idea. Tina questions Shalin if something is going on between him and Sumbul.

10:45 pm: Soundarya-Manya’s fight escalates, Soundarya refuses to give Manya food. Gautam later tells Manya how wrong she looks outside. Manya apologises to Soundarya. Sumbul discusses her bed switch plan with Nimrit and Tina.

10:42 pm: Shalin tells others to keep Archana on their side. Priyanka jokes with Stan. Soundarya and Manya get into an argument after she keeps a used bottle on the kitchen table.

10:39 pm: Tina, Nimrit, and Gautam talk about Manya, and others try to convince Sumbul for the single bed. Soundarya tells Sumbul she is okay with sharing the bed with anyone. They decided to swap Manya and Archana’s beds.

10:37 pm: Tina tells Sumbul to give her Abdu’s single bed. Sajid convinces Stan to not get carried away by Sumbul. Gautam gives clarification to Abdu for not voting for him.

10:35 pm: MC Stan and Sumbul win the task, Bigg Boss gives them the power to reallot beds and bedrooms for the other contestants. However, Nimrit is immune from this change.

10:34 pm: Captain Nimrit also gives her vote to Stan, later Shalin justifies why he chose Stan over Abdu while talking to Priyanka and Ankit.

10:32 pm: Tina also makes a reel with MC Stan. Gautam also gives his NOC to Stan. Abdu tells Sreejita he is okay with Stan getting so many votes. Manya chooses Abdu.

10:30 pm: Soundarya supports MC Stan, and Tina says she will only choose the stronger side. Shalin also supports MC Stan. Shiv tells Sajid that it is not Stan, but Sumbul who is getting the votes.

10:28 pm: Sreejita De gives her vote to Abdu. Gori Nagori supports MC Stan. Manya points out how it’s a power play going on. Ankit also supports Abdu and they make the boxing reel.

10:26 pm: Archana casts her vote for Stan. Abdu sings a song. Archana and Stan make a reel.

10:24 pm: Task begins, Sajid Khan signs the NOC for MC Stan. Priyanka makes a reel with Abdu.

10:21 pm: Sumbul starts convincing contestants to support MC Stan, Nimrit and Tina also plot with her. Shiv and Sumbul try their best to sway contestants on their side.

10:19 pm: Archana falls asleep, and Bigg Boss rings the alarm. Tina gives a kiss to Abdu.

10:17 pm: Shiv tries to convince Archana Gautam to support Abdu, but she argues with him over going to others before her. Abdu advises Shiv not to force people to support him, later Sumbul and Shalin Bhanot discuss the technicalities of the task.

10:15 pm: Kili Paul dances with the contestants on Tu cheez badi hai mast, mast. After this Kili leaves the house.

10:11 pm: Bigg Boss welcomes Kili Paul into the house to kickstart the task. Kili interacts with the contestants. Abdu does a special performance with Kili. Later, MC Stan also performs a rap.

10:09 pm: Bigg Boss announces the task/ competition between Abdu and MC Stan. Shiv is Abdu’s manager, while Sumbul is MC Stan’s manager, they have to get a NOC signed by the contestants and make them create a reel for their artist.

10:06 pm: Nimrit Ahluwalia and Gautam Vig discuss how Manya Singh is thankless, Gautam even talks about Tina Datta’s feelings for him. After this Abdu sings a song to which Soundarya Sharma dances.

10: 04 pm: Sajid Khan has a fun banter with Abdu Rozik, and tells him who is his number one enemy in the house. But it’s all fun and play.

10:00 pm: Contestants wake up the usual way, and sing the Bigg Boss anthem.

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