Bigg Boss is one show that surprises me every day. Day by day it is getting entertaining, As per the promo, you get to see a different face of the contestants. Trust me, tonight’s episode will be eventful. There will be a huge fight that between Sreejita De and Gori Nagori. Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot will talk about the equation between Gautam and Soundarya, and many things will happen in the BB16 house, that will amaze you. Well, I am here to give you the latest updates, so brace yourself and read on!

11: 05 PM: Tina flirts with Abdu

Tina hugs Abdu and tells him that she loves him. She gives him pec on the cheeks. Soundarya talks to Stan and discusses about Shalin. She tells him that she is unable to understand Shalin and Gautam. Abdu imitates Gautam in front of Stan and Soundarya.

11: 00 PM: Contestants argue about wheat distibution

The contestants gets into a discussion about the distribution of wheat flour. Gori tells Shiv and Nimrit that people are targeting her. Some has stolen the flour from the kitchen. Gori clarifies her stand tells Nimrit that she has not taken the flour packet. Gori starts weeping and tells Shiv and Stan that she has never stolen anything in her life.

10: 52 PM: Gautam reprimands Archana for yelling

Gautam warns Archana not to shout and don’t get personal with anyone. Archana tells in the kitchen. Tina speaks about Gori’s language to Shalin. The housemates have a problem as Archana is making chai when it is time for lunch. Archana and Gori drink tea in a room. Shalin tells Gautam that he has saved a devil. Archana tells Ankit that the contestants have tempted her. Shalin blames Gautam for his nomination. Sreejita and Gori decide about distributing wheat flour accordingly.

10: 44 PM: The nominees decide to distribute the groceries

Bigg Boss tells the nominees to distribute the groceries accordingly. They discuss with each other that everyone should get equal amount of ration. Sajid and Abdu watch the distribution process from a a distance. Bigg Boss calls Abdu and Sajid in the medical room for checkup.

10: 37 PM: Gautam justifies about nominating the contestants

Gautam tells Sajid why he named all these people. Shiv explains Abdu about the nomination process. Sajid tells Nimrit that there are two group of TV and Non -TV actor. Gautam says that he is playing a fair game.

10: 35 PM: Bigg Boss calls the captain in the confession room

Sumbul weeps and hugs Shalin. Bigg Boss calls Gautam in the confession room and tells him that whatever happened was discriminating and disturbing. Gautam nominates Gori, Stan, Sreejita and Tina for this week.

10: 30 PM: Gautam warns the contestants for getting personal

Sreejita tells Nimrit about the gesture by Gori. Archana tells Stan that these guys want to be celebrities. Shalin tells Sumbul to be strong. Shalin tells Tina and Sumbul not to get provoked by the other contestants. Now there are two groups in the house. One in the kitchen and one in the garden. Gautam instructs the contestants that no one will call anyone gavaar. He tells everyone that they cannot get personal with the contestants.

10:20 PM: Gori confronts Sreejita

Gautam tells Stan that he should stop calling group-group in the house. Gori confronts Sreejita that she could have been more polite. This angers Rapper MC Stan, who sides with Gori and says that some of the contestants are elitists who gang up against her and humiliate her while using derogatory language often.

10: 17 PM: Huge argument takes place between Sreejita and Gori

Sreejita De and Gori Nagori talk about food in the kitchen. Sumbul tells Gautam that he needs to be there while the food is getting distributed among the contestants. Sreejita tells Gori to wipe her hands somewhere else. MC Stan supports Gori when Sreejita opposes to wiping her hands.

10: 15 PM: Soundarya hugs Shalin

Sajid Khan tells Shiv that he will not apologize to anyone. Abdu plays with the contestants a fun game. Priyanka talks sweetly to Abdu. Nimrat observes this and warn him in a sweet manner. Sajid tells Abdu jokingly that Nimrit has a boyfriend. Soundarya hugs Shalin. Soundarya talks to Gautam and complains about Shalin’s behavior. The contestants wake up and sing the Bigg Boss anthem. Gautam and Soundarya whisper to each other something.

10: 11 PM: Gautam delegates duties to the contestants

Soundarya weeps when she remembers her argument with Archana. She starts talking in English. Bigg Boss warns her and tells her to speak in Hindi. Capatin Gautam Vig distributes duties to all the contestants.

10: 07 PM: Soundarya and Archana get into argument.

A huge fight erupts between Soundarya and Archana Gautam. They start calling names to each other.

10: 00 PM: Shalin refuses to get a check up done

Contestants hug each other after an eventful day. Shalin goes into the medical room and tells the doctor that she is not qualified to handle him. Archana tells Sumbul that people are treating her like a servant. Nimrit talks to Gautam and Soundarya about Ankit.

Watch this space for more amazing updates on Bigg Boss 16.

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