The second week has started on a thunderous note on Bigg Boss 16. Right from Monday, we have seen lots of fights on the show, but there is also a lot more brewing. According to the Bigg Boss 16 Day 12 promo, the contestants will have quite an eventful time in the house today. Bigg Boss will give Priyanka Choudhary and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia the task to make a music video with Abdu Rozik. We will also see Shalin Bhanot confess to captain Gautam Vig about his feelings for Tina Datta. But it’s not all laugh and laughter, MC Stan and Archana Gautam will have quite a nasty fight too. All in all, it’s a day filled with drama as usual and I cannot wait to witness it. So keep reading all the live updates here!

11:20 pm: Archana tries to scare Shalin

Archana along with Sumbul and Tina scares Shalin.

11:10 pm: MC Stan talks to Nimrit about his girlfriend

Nimrit talks to MC Stan about his girlfriend. Stan says she will have an issue with him hugging Soundarya. Tina and Sumbul meet Shalin in his bedroom. Archana tries to scare Shalin, she pounces on him.

11:05 pm: Bigg Boss lauds Priyanka’s decision

Abdu teases Archana and Shalin about their bedroom. Shalin tells Tina, ‘I love you’, Tina says he is doing time pass. Gautam intervenes. Shalin jokes with Archana. Soundarya tells Gautam that she can stoop as low as others. They discuss how Shalin’s feelings for Tina are fake.

10:59 pm: Archana Stan sort out their differences

Archana cries and tells stan not to give her bad words. Nimrit, Shalin, and Tina discuss Priyanka’s power. Priyanka announces her decision. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka the reasons behind her decisions.

10:47 pm: Housemates request Priyanka to give them bedrooms of their choice

Everyone tells their concerns to Priyanka before the bedrooms are switched. Manya tells Archana how power has changed Priyanka. Priyanka and Ankit discuss the bedroom switch. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka what is her decision.

10:40 pm: Bigg Boss asks housemates to decide which video is good

Sajid Khan lauds Priyanka for her storytelling and praises Nimrit for shooting the video. Nimrit asks housemates for votes. Abdu shares he likes Priyanka’s video. Priyanka wins the task with the maximum votes. She gets a special privilege, she can allot bedrooms of her choice to the contestants. Priyanka listens to everyone’s concerns.

10:34 pm: Sajid and Shalin hug it out

Sajid and Shalin hug and sort out their differences. Abdu consoles Stan and tries to make him smile. Stan cries. Sajid praises Abdu. Bigg Boss plays Nimrit and Priyanka’s music videos. After Nimrit, Priyanka’s video gets played.

10:28 pm: Archana and Stan get into a fight

Gori and Stan call Archana a hypocrite, and she gets offended. The matter gets worse, they have a heated exchange of words. Soundarya and Gauri tell Stan not to talk to Archana. Abdu explains and consoles Archana. Shalin also talks to Gautam against Archana.

10:23 pm: Abdu starts shooting for the music video

Priyanka starts shooting with Abdu. Soundarya expresses displeasure to Gautam for not training her. Nimrit shoots with Abdu. Archana grumbles about the cooking team. Archana complains to Gautam that lunch is delayed and if this continues, she will cook her own food. Manya and Sreejita discuss how the house is divided.

10:18 pm: Shalin and Sajid have an intense talk

After Sajid and Shalin’s talk, Bigg Boss plays Abdu’s song ‘chota bhaijaan’, he later announces the task where Priyanka and Nimrit are opposite each other. They have to shoot a music video with Abdu in two hours. The winning director will get a special power, how much time the contestants and Abdu give each director is on them.

10:13 pm: Bigg Boss calls Gautam to the confession room

Bigg Boss talks to Gautam about the unfair distribution of ration. Gautam also clears his confusion, later BB points out that Shalin and Tina were in another bedroom and he has to take care of all this. Sajid Khan jokes with Abdu. Gautam announces the changes that Bigg Boss tells him about. Sajid and Shalin have a discussion about the fight from another day.

10:05 pm: Shalin and Tina have a heart-to-heart conversation

Tina and Shalin talk about general things, and Sumbul interrupts asking for paneer. Shalin talks to Gautam about his feelings for Tina. Gautam gives Shalin some dating tips. Shiv, Gautam, Nimrit, and others scare Abdu. Soundarya asks Gautam to make her do weight training. Gautam teases Shalin by flirting with Tina.

10:00 pm: Housemates start a new day with the Bigg Boss anthem

Sreejita De and Sajid Khan discuss how the ration has been wrongly divided. Archana tells Stan to have coffee on purpose. Sreejita grumbles about why she is being questioned about it. Shalin and Tina have a casual chat about each other. Shalin tells her he won’t her.

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