Today is the 14th day of Big Boss 16 and it is a special occasion of Shukravaar Ka Vaar with Salman Khan. From the beginning of this week, we have been experience some good, some bitter moments on the show. Tonight it is time for contestants confrontation with the host. As per the Bigg Boss 16 Day 14 promo, we will see Salman making Sumbul Touqeer’s father share his thoughts on the show. Meanwhile, we will also see Parineeti Chopra and Harrdy Sandhu entering the house to promote their upcoming film. Looks like the episode will be full of entertainment. Without any delay, let’s me start giving you the live updates here!

11: 00 pm: Sumbul’s father shares his feelings of the contestants

As Sumbul sees her father, she starts crying. He tells her that she needs to be strong and slams Shalin Bhanot about his behavior. Sumbul’s father also take a dig at Tina. He praises Gautam and Ankit on the show. He appreciates the fact that they talked to Sumbul. He refers to Shiv as real Maratha and praises Archana. He recites a poem for his young daughter. Salman suggest Sumbul to be strong.

10: 53 pm: Priyanka and Soundarya get upset with Soundarya

The contestants make comfortable in the living room. Soundarya and Priyanka argue with each other. Priyanka starts weeping because of Soundarya. Shalin and Tina justify themselves in front of Sumbul, who stars weeping. Priyanka stars crying as she is hurt by Soundarya’s comments. Ankit also yells at Soundarya.

10: 45 pm: Harrdy and Parineeti play a game with contestants

The drama queen tag goes to Archana. The title of Bijlee is given to Priyanka. Shalin gets the title of Jigar ka tukda. Tina gets a Princess tag.

10:40 pm: Salman welcomes Parineeti Chopra and Harrdy Sandhu

Parineeti tells the contestants that she is liking the show and she is the fan of the cutest contestants Abdu. She requests Abdu to sing a song. Harrdy tells that he is a fan of MC Stan and asks him to rap. The actor wishes him all the luck. Parineeti calls Shalin to dance with her on a romantic song.

10:26 pm: The host gives returns the things to contestants

Salman tells the contestants that their things are missing due to Sajid. He tells Archana that wherever she fights election from she will lose. The host also asks Abdu if he likes Archana. He also tells Ankit that he spoke 6000 words this week. Salman returns the teddy bear to Tina Datta and shoes to Gautam Vig.

10: 20 pm: Salman gives another challenge to Sajid

The host of the show tells Sajid to hide Abdu. Salman enjoys watching them on camera. Sajid and Shiv Thakare look for Abdu. Slowly everyone starts looking for Abdu. Salman meets Abdu in the secret room and tells him that everyone in the house is worried as he is missing. Salman takes Abdu inside the house and meets the contestants.

10:13 pm: Salman gives a task to Sajid

Salman tells Sajid to bring Tina’s teddy bear, Shalin’s shaker and the photo of Sumbul’s father. He also tells the filmmaker that he can take Abdu’s help in this task which has the time limit of an hour. Sajid goes and checks if all the things are in place. Ankit observes Sajid taking things and smiles. Shalin asks Abdu about his whereabouts. Sajid manages to get all the things in half an hour.

10: 05 pm: Sajid calls Abdu as Ghamandi Gajar

All the contestants give their reasons and make other participant drink the different juices. Soundarya Sharma says Archana Gautam is Khadoos Kaddo and Lalchi Laukki. Sajid Khan refers to Abdu Rozik is Ghamandi Gajar. Salman gets shocked when Shalin picks Soundarya to drink the juice. MC Stan tells Archana that there is a problem between Gautam and Tina.

10: 00 pm: Salman Khan announces Shukavaar ka vaar

The contestants wake up and to a new song and starts dancing. Salman speaks to the contestants and says that they will only do as 4he says. The range of acrid juices with different tags on them placed in the living area and the contestants give one glass with a tag to another contestant and specify the reason.

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Bigg Boss 16 Shraddha Kapoor
Bigg Boss 16 Shraddha Kapoor