With two weeks down on Bigg Boss 16, it’s once again time for the contestants to get real feedback from India. And like always the audience will not hold back in being honest with the housemates. In fact, they will address the groupism that has been existing in the house and that will once again cause lots of conflicting opinions in the house tonight. Like last time, Shekhar Suman will interact with the housemates and going by the Bigg Boss 16 promo today, Tina Datta, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Abdu Rozik, and Sajid Khan will be his subjects for interaction. There is lots in store, from Shekhar addressing Tina’s love life with Shalin Bhanot to making Abdu rate the contestants. Well, I will give you a regular account of all that unfolds on BB16 tonight. Read on!

11:27 pm: Stan and Tina plot against Priyanka

Stan and Tina discuss Priyanka when Stan says he won’t hesitate to hit her. Stan, Shiv, and Sajid also talk about her. Soundarya and Gautam have a romantic banter.

11:13 pm: Priyanka and Gori have an argument

Priyanka gets angry at Gori for being sarcastic. Manya tells Priyanka about liking Gautam. Tina and Stan also talk about the fight with Priyanka.

11:09 pm: Priyanka asks Sajid if he has a problem with round Rotis

Priyanka asks Sajid if he has an issue if the Rotis aren’t round. Later Priyanka confronts Stan about not washing the bathroom cleanly. Stan gets angry over Priyanka’s poking. Gori, Stan, and Shiv talk about Priyanka acting smart.

11:04 pm: Tina announces the MyGlamm Face Of The Season contest

Tina announces the MyGlamm Face Of The Season and Bigg Boss shows the poll where Tina, Nimrit, and Priyanka are in the top 3 spots. Archana tells Gautam she keeps a tab on everyone in the house. Priyanka gets angry at Tina for not doing any work. They complain to the captain about it. Tina says she is not aware of the duties.

10:59 pm: Shekhar Suman ends his bulletin

After Shekhar leaves, Gautam and Nimrit talk to Sajid about his comment. Priyanka and Ankit also have a discussion on the matter. Manya also talks to Nimrit about groupism. Sajid, Shiv, and Stan discuss the TV actors’ reactions. Priyanka also talks to Gautam about the matter, while Nimrit and Manya have a discussion on Priyanka.

10:53 pm: Sajid Khan’s comment on the group of TV actors causes uproar

As the discussion on groupism continues Sajid’s comment receives objections from the TV actors. Shiv also comments on how Nimrit was biased towards Gautam in the captaincy task. Gautam also comments on the matter. Shekhar asks Shiv to give advice to contestants.

10:34 pm: Nimrit gets called out on her hypocrisy

The audience asks Nimrit about promoting groupism in the house, and Shiv also agrees. Priyanka also intervenes and confirms that there is groupism in the house. Shekhar asks Sajid to take his opinions on groupism.

10:27 pm: Shekhar invites Nimrit and Shiv for a one-on-one chat

Shekhar invites Shiv and Nimrit to the couch for a personal conversation. The audience asks questions to Nimrit about where she got last after the first week. Housemates call Nimrit fair and strong-headed. Shiv also gets questions about losing his identity. Shiv also comments on how love in the house is fake.

10:20 pm: Shekhar teases Gautam with Soundarya

Shekhar asks Gautam to describe the woman of her dreams. Shekhar asks Soundarya about her feelings for Gautam. He later talks to Archana and jokes with her. Shekhar later talks to Nimrit asks her some hard-hitting questions.

10:15 pm: Shekhar comments on Sumbul

Shekhar has a funny take on Sumbul and her changing equations. Sumbul reveals how she is lost and sorting things out. Shekhar gives Tina a task and teases her about Shalin.

10:10 pm: Shekhar asks Abdu to rate contestants

Shekhar starts his segment with shayaris. He explains the equations in the house in a fun way. Shekhar comments on Sajid and Abdu’s friendship. He asks them to review the other contestants. Sajid calls Manya the least entertaining. Shekhar tells Manya to be more participatory and moves on to Sumbul.

10:05 pm: Abdu tells Sajid how he cried in the bathroom

Sajid and Abdu have a heart-to-heart conversation. They discuss who is good and bad in the house. As Archana comes and sits, Manya leaves Sajid and the gang. Shekhar Suman joins the contestants for the Bigg Bulletin.

10:00 pm: Archana and Manya talk about Sreejita’s eviction

Archana and Manya discuss Sreejita’s eviction, later housemates ask her why she scared Manya. They discuss how Manya is not giving any content on the show. Manya and Archana’s joke grows into a fight. Abdu tells Sajid how he misses home.

9:55 pm: Abdu and Soundarya discuss how Shalin treated Sumbul like a servant

The confrontation continues, while Soundarya and Abdu have a chat about these people are fake. They discuss how Sumbul has been treated like a servant by Shalin. Nimrit tells Shalin how he switches personalities. Abdu tries to read everyone’s pulse. Sumbul discusses the entire issue with Sajid. Tina and Shalin decide that they will not talk to anyone. Abdu switches off the light when Sajid goes to the washroom.

9:50 pm: Nimrit has a heated discussion with Shalin and Tina

The blame game over Sumbul continues, while Manya Singh and Abdu do a pillow fight and have fun in the next room. Nimrit also says that she is not understanding Shalin. MC Stan teases Abdu that he is in love with Nimrit. Gautam also joins the confrontation with Nimrit, Tina, and Shalin. They try to sort things out. Soundarya also spoke to Abdu about Shalin.

9:45 pm: Sumbul confronts Shalin about the things he said about her

Sumbul sits and confronts Shalin about all that transpired between them in the last few days. Sumbul says she is feeling bad and things don’t get sorted between them. Tina consoles Shalin. Shalin discusses the Sumbul issue with Tina and wonders why Gautam is telling things to Sumbul. Meanwhile, Abdu and Sajid get into a fun banter. Nimrit also talks to Shalin and Tina about accusing them.

9:40 pm: Gautam throws jackets in the garden area and shouts

Gautam shouts how everyone’s jackets are scattered around the house. Later Sumbul talks to Shalin about the misunderstanding. She asks him who has spoken about her behind her back. Tina also expresses displeasure to Gautam over throwing her jackets in the garden. Tina cries and Gautam apologizes. Abdu stands on the chair and cleans utensils. Sumbul talks to Gautam about the assumed crush on Shalin.

9:35 pm: Abdu gives Shiv a back massage

Abdu gives Shiv a back massage and sings a song. Nimrit, Soundarya, and Gautam talk to Sumbul about Shalin, and how he said things about her. Tina and Shalin also discuss the Sumbul issue. Shiv makes Abdu pull Tina’s eyelashes.

9:31 pm: Housemates wake up with the Bigg Boss anthem

The day starts on a regular note with all singing the Bigg Boss anthem. Gautam Vig and Archana Gautam talk about kitchen duties. Archana discusses Soundarya with Gautam. Later Gautam reassigns duties.

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