The third week of Bigg Boss 16 will rather start on a fiery note with the captaincy task. As we saw this week, equations on Bigg Boss Season 16 have changed drastically, especially between Shalin Bhanot, Tina Datta, and Sumbul Touqeer, in case you missed the recent episode read Bigg Boss 16 Day 16 episode highlights here. Now, what if I tell you things are about to get worse tonight. Yes, there will be a captaincy task that will only get out of hand with Gori Nagori getting hurt when Ankit Gupta tackles her to make bestie Priyanka Choudhary win. Read about the Bigg Boss 16 Day 17 promo here. Not just this, there is also an ugly brawl taking place between Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Shiv Thakare. There is too much drama awaiting you tonight and I am here to give you a close account of it, so read Bigg Boss 16 Day 17 highlights here!

11:20 pm: Sajid remembers his home

Sajid recalls his family members, while Stan also gets emotional.

11:09 pm: Shiv clarifies the duties again

Tina gets irritated. Shiv tries to understand the duties. Shalin helps Tina. Tina objects to Shiv for not being clear with house duties. Sajid and Gori discuss Tina’s behavior.

11:00 pm: Shiv assigns task duties

Shiv allots task duties to housemates, while Priyanka and Ankit have a discussion leaving Sajid pissed.

10: 49 pm: Shalin addresses his issue with Sumbul

Shalin discusses with Nimrit about Sumbul not taking a stand for being a captain. Shalin tells Sumbul to shut up.

10:44 pm: Priyanka accuses Gautam of being unfair

Priyanka loses her cool on Gautam for being unfair in his decision. The argument only escalates. Stan dances on the table to tease Priyanka. Ankit tells her not to fight. The argument continues. Shalin and Tina laugh over the situation.

10:39 pm: Bigg Boss warns Shiv and Priyanka to not hide and do the task

Tina accuses Ankit of hurting her. Later, Ankit blocks the bathroom door, while Shiv and gang block the bedroom area. Gautam asks Bigg Boss to disqualify Priyanka. Archana and Gori get into a heated argument. Priyanka’s wooden blocks fall. Shiv wins the task and becomes the new captain. Priyanka asks Gautam why did he disqualify her.

10:33 pm: Sajid says Ankit didn’t push Gori on purpose

The task continues, and Tina and Abdu try blocking the doors of the bedroom. Gori also gives Priyanka a tough time. Gori and Archana get into a fight during the task. Shalin doesn’t participate in the task. There is cold war between him and Sumbul. Ankit also gets hurt in the task and starts bleeding.

10:28 pm: Nimrit drops Priyankas blocks

Nimrit pours water at Priyanka’s blocks, later Archana also touches Shiv’s blocks. Ankit and Archana protect Priyanka’s blocks. MC Stan supports Shiv, while Nimrit tries to spoil Priyanka’s task. Ankit also throws water at Shiv’s blocks, and things only get intense. During this Gori falls down and hurts her knees. Ankit helps her. Shiv makes his wooden block line in the bedroom.

10:25 pm: Bigg Boss asks Gautam who are the new captaincy contenders

Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task where Priyanka and Shiv have to arrange wooden blocks in a standing line like dominos. Gautam becomes the sanchaalak of the task, only contenders can touch the blocks, while others can drop them without touching the blocks. Captaincy task begins.

10:21 pm: Gautam gets fired from captaincy

Bigg Boss fires Gautam from the captaincy, he also lauds him for his reign in the house. Bigg Boss also gets angry on Archana for being in the kitchen and punishes Archana to stay there for all his announcements. Bigg Boss also slams Gautam to be diplomatic, he also announces the captaincy task and names of contenders

10:15 pm: Bigg Boss calls Tina and Shalin in the confession room

While Tina is telling Stan about how to race for the captaincy task, Bigg Boss calls her and Shalin in the confession room. He asked them if Gautam was partial in his captaincy. Shalin also opens up to Bigg Boss when BB asks him to move on. Tina tells Shalin that Bigg Boss is very sweet inside the confession room. Priyanka and Shiv get majority votes.

10:10 pm: Shiv gets angry on Nimrit for checking the ration without permission

Shiv and Nimrit get into an argument after Nimrit checks the ration without asking them. Shiv objects to this behavior to which Nimrit over reacts. Shiv tells Nimrit not to overact to which Nimrit breaksdown. Sajid Khan also says that Nimrit should apologize. Gautam Vig, Soundarya Sharma, and Tina console her. Nimrit complains how everyone keeps poking her. Abdu hugs Nimrit.

10:07 pm: Shalin Bhanot flirts with Tina Datta

Shalin is looking at Tina lovingly, when Abdu comes and compliments Tina. Archana enquires about the cartoon underwear lying in the bathroom. Shiv tells Archana that underwear belongs to him, while Priyanka laughs over it. Nimrit enquires how rice has gotten stolen from their room. Sajid gets offended that she didn’t ask and started checking the ration in their room. Shiv gets offended too. Nimrit finds the packet from their room.

10:01 pm: Housemates wake up to the Bigg Boss anthem

As usual contestants start the day by singing the Bigg Boss anthem. Archana Gautam tells housemates not to open the door again and again. Nimrit gets irritated with Archana. Shiv gives Archana a massage, later Abdu and Archana have a pillow fight.

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