Bigg Boss 16 hosted its Diwali Special episode in a very fun-tastic way with Karan Johar. Despite all the fights happening in the house in all those weeks this celebration was very much required. There’s always drama in this house and some extra Dhamakedaar drama for the Bigg Boss Diwali Special episode was quite interesting to watch. From Abdu Rozik‘s cutest Diwali celebration to Soundarya Sharma and Goutam Vig‘s love issue, this Bigg Boss 16 episode has got it all. In case you missed the episode read Bigg Boss 16 Day 24 Live Written Updates. This was one of the episodes in which there were multiple dramas going on side by side.

The Big Boss 16 house lighted up as Shekhar Suman comes in to check in with the contestants with his comedy and poetry. He jokes about the ‘Maryaada’ of the contestants in the house and talks about everyone in his fun element.

Shekhar Suman carries out an activity in which he got gifts for the contestants which they had to give to any one of the contestants. The tongue cleaner is given to Archana Gautam by Gori Nagori because she feels that her words should come out of a clean mouth, while Priyanka Choudhary receives a dustbin from Gautam Vig to dispose of any unclean thoughts she may be harbouring. Shiv Thakare is also given a mirror by Priyanka so that he can see how wrong he is, and Shiv offers Shalin Bhanot a mask with the instruction to reveal his actual self Shalin mentions that he regrets making Shiv his friend. Ankit Gupta gives himself a horn to speak up more, and Archana offers Manya Singh a brinjal as a sign of someone who frequently switches sides. After this game, he takes leave.

Karan Johar enters the house and the most awaited moment of the week which is the eviction takes place and Manya Singh bid goodbye to her fellow contestants. Gouri Nagori bursts into tears and hugs Manya. Shalin and Sumbul Touqeer are seen hugging each other out of happiness while Manya Singh seems emotional and leaves the house, she doesn’t lose her bright smile.

Between all the Hindi speaking, KJo asks why he is so quiet and Abdu Rozik mentions that he doesn’t really understand what is happening between all the fights and lightens the mood with a flying kiss to KJo.

To spice up things in the Bigg Boss 16 house, KJo invites Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Tina Datta for the ‘Patakha Label’ activity in which each contestant would have to tag them as Phuski Bomb. As many contestants tag Nimrit as the Phuski bomb of Bigg Boss 16 and everyone had a similar reason against her. But, Tina still gets the most number of tags while Abdu crowns Nimrit.

Bigg Boss made a cute compilation video of all the Indian fans Abdu has where they show their support for him. As he is also a guest in India, there is a special performance by the contestants which he watches like a ‘Raja’ sitting on his recliner chair.

As it’s Diwali and Bigg Boss is considerate about everyone missing the family he reveals the biggest surprise of giving the contestants gifts from their homes sent by their family members. Abdu receives a photo frame while Nimrit gets a saree and Priyanka gets her dad’s shirt. To top up the celebration Bigg Boss brings in a variety of delicacies from Kazakhstan from Abdu to enjoy with the whole Bigg Boss house.

But, towards the end of the Bigg Boss 16 episode, there is always some gossip blossoming in and around the house among the contestants. Then the most awaited things happen, we get to see the upcoming discussion of Soundarya Sharma and Goutam Vig trying to sort out their issues after the confrontation with KJo. Soundarya gets a little emotional. In a moment Sajid Khan comes in to make them feel better. The discussion carries on to the bedroom where Soundarya and Shalin Bhanot sit and try to clear their heat.

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chowdhary is the top scorer of the MyGlamm Award and is the win for 25 lakhs in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Archana also goes on to confront and admit that she feels that Goutam was trying on her and Goutam clarifies the fact that he didn’t mean anything like that.

At the end of the episode, we see that Goutam and Soundarya are sitting on the couch where Soundarya expresses in what all ways Gautam has made her feel bad.

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