It’s all fun and games in the Bigg Boss 16 house until Salman Khan enters for the ‘vaar’. Today it was a Friday night ‘bashing’ in the Bigg Boss House. Today’s episode was a little overwhelming to watch as a lot of matters that were brushed under the carpet came up. If you forgot to catch up on today’s episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 28 Live Written Updates here. Salman Khan not only was seen taking a stand for Abdu Rozik but he also told Ankit Gupta and Sajid Khan to stand up for themselves.

After a clash yesterday, Shalin Bhanot apologizes to Tina Datta. The ladies in the house are settling for so less. I wanted to see Shalin put in more effort. Tina clearly states to Shalin that she would never let him hurt her ever again. Without a little encounter, the day wouldn’t start in the Bigg Boss house, Archana Gautam loses her temper with Sajid over a croissant that was supposed to be Abdu’s.

The ‘Mujhe Guardian Ki Zarurat Hai’ poll begins, and many of the housemates including Sajid vote for Abdu Rozik giving the reasons for language barriers and communication issues. The nation’s favourite is called the ‘most real person in the house by Salman Khan. Ankit Gupta and Sumbul Toqueer get selected to sit on the chairs. As the ‘vaar’ begins it’s on Sumbul first where Bhai seems a tad bit disappointed in Sumbul for being invisible and always putting things on Shalin rather than doing things for her own good.

Ankit is told to stand up for the things which are happening wrong in the house at times. Priyanka Choudhary is interrogated about Ankit’s behaviour, she believes that Ankit needs to buckle up with more involvement.

It’s not a contestant which is the hot topic but the ration is. Gautam explains that Soundarya Sharma supported him because he was nominated. No one expected Shiv to be supported by Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia which led to their housemate’s issues with Nimrit. Making a very strong statement, Salman Khan clearly pointed out that Gautam is using Nimrit just as ‘Vote’ and not a ‘friend’.

Now comes the fun part, which was honestly hilarious for me to watch. In this segment of the show, Salman keeps stating sentences and if the contestants agree they have to raise their green card and if they don’t then the red one. Whoever gets the majority green, gets slapped sitting on a slapping chair. During this, Salman says that Sajid is also supposed to take a stand for himself. Archana jokingly keeps saying that Gautam likes her.

This activity leads Shalin and Shiv into a beef where Shiv has spoken his mind about Shalin being a very good actor in front of the camera and just faking it.

Lastly, there are fights that are just waiting to happen in the house just like a cloud burst, Shalin is seen challenging Gautam. While some got an eye-opener and some got a reality check of some old graves being dug out it was a thundering ride. Now, how much the fight between Shalin and Gautam escalates, are Sumbul and Ankit going to up their game only time will tell.

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