Today is going to be an entertaining evening in the Bigg Boss 16 house, as the slamming is still taking place in the house, there is also a fight happening between Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot again! To get an insight into it, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 50 Promo here. The best part about today’s episode is going to be Shekhar Suman and him connecting the contestants to social media.

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11:10 pm: Differences between the contestants open up

As Shekhar brings up a fun task of asking the contestants who would they like, dislike and block. Abdu goes on to block Priyanka and obviously likes Shalin and dislikes Archana. Soundarya says that she would block Tina because she was being inconsiderate during the ration activity as she picked up jaggery instead of sugar.

10:54 pm: Shekhar Suman’s Sunday fun element

Shekhar Suman walks the housemates through some social media memes. He presents them with a variety of humorous memes that are trending on various social media sites. The contestants are laughing and rolling around on the floor. A hilarious scenario of what the Bigg Boss 16 contestants would be like on the WhatsApp group was explained by Shekhar in such a funny way.

10:45 pm: Abdu and Archana sit to clear out

Soundarya questions Abdu why isn’t he talking to her. He reveals that it was Sajid who has asked him to do so.

10:38 pm: Fight between Tina and Shalin

Tina goes to help Shalin in the kitchen and he is not allowing her to touch the utensils but as soon as he picks up Tina is in a romantic mood she gets mad over the fact that he picked her up. Just like always, Shalin gets angry over Tina’s reaction and again gets hyper. As Tina points out his aggression he tries to apologize but Tina obviously requires some space.

10:32 pm: Tina trying to explain Sumbul

Shalin comes to take the lighter from Sumbul and he ends up getting mad at her. Tina maturely has a conversation with Sumbul along with Sajid and explains that it’s okay to have crushes and she could experience normal college life to cope with these feelings as a twenty-year-old.

10:28 pm: Archana’s game plan

Soundarya notices that Tina has gotten jealous and narrates this to Archana. Archana comes up with a plan that she needs to get close to Shalin and get back to Tina.

10:20 pm: Shalin pulls Tina’s legs

Shalin tries talking to Soundarya which I feel made Tina a little jealous. Soundarya had prepared tea for Shalin which he jokingly complimented extra. Tina also is playing along as Shalin tries to push her and Soundarya’s friendship.

10:15 pm: Discussions after Salman leaves

Priyanka expresses to Ankit that she feels bad about people calling her double standards. On the other hand, Shiv and Nimirt discuss that Gautam got evicted because he skipped steps in the game. Shalin says that Gautam didn’t even hug Soundarya until he was told to. Abdu tries to console Soundarya as she is crying continuously.

10:07 pm: Gautam Vig bids goodbye to the house

First Salman jokingly declares that Tina is evicted and Shalin acts all tense about it. When Shalin is asked to leave the house, he says that he doesn’t want to leave and then the final person who is actually getting evicted is Gautam Vig. Soundarya breaks down in tears breathlessly.

9:56 pm: Who would be the target?

Each contestant is called out and asked to select their target and splash juice on their face. Archana Gautam chooses Sajid of course. Nimrit goes on to splash it on. This is the second time it’s splashed on Archana by Shiv Thakare. MC Stan feels that Priyanka has targeted him before and now he would like to make her the target. Abdu Rozik feels that Archana thinks that she is some big superstar and keeps on sleeping and that’s why he selects her. Sajid calls in Archana because of obvious reasons again. Gautam splashes it at Priyanka and in the end, goes Soundarya splashes it at Priyanka because she supported Shalin previously. Ankit Gupta splashes it at Shiv and Priyanka goes on to put it on Shiv’s face. Sumbul Toqueer and Tina go on to splash it at Archana again and Shalin splashed it on Priyanka.

Archana and Priyanka become are declared the targets of the house.

9:50 pm: Nimrit has no individuality in the house

All the contestants believe that Nimrit has fallen down in the game and Soundarya Sharma puts in exact words that Nimirt has mellowed down. Salman being the motivator he is asks her to cool down and move on because she opens up about her depression and anxiety issues and finds it hard to cope in the house after her medication has been discontinued.

9:31 pm: Salman slams Priyanka

Sajid Khan believes that she has a very loud and strong voice. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia explains the situations that she comes between. Salman explains that Priyanka needs to rest her vocal cords, he thinks that she has been coming in between every single fight, and she justifies that she only fell into MC Stan and Shalin Bhanot‘s fight because she is scared of violence. Salman shows some light on Priyanka telling her that she would be Archana Gautam – Part 2.

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