Friday is back with Salman Khan as the host, while he and the audience question the Bigg Boss 16 contestants. While this happens, the Bigg Boss House is still bustling with its everyday happenings. Couldn’t catch the last episode? Check it out here at Bigg Boss 16 December 2 Day 62 Live Written Updates.

Early on in the morning, the contestants are presented with a task where a statement will show up on a screen and then housemates have three guesses to guess who said the same. I found this quite fun as it was an interesting way of finding out who thinks what about other contestants, behind their backs. It was also fun to watch Shiv Thakare fools around with his tactics during the task.

The tasks leads to a big fight, when Ankit Gupta is called on by Priyanka Choudhary over a statement while she seems very upset over the same. Soundarya Sharma then butts in between the two and accuses Priyanka of overreacting on the situation. Ankit tries his best to pacify both of them but the matter soon escalates as the game takes a break.

Tina Datta on the other hand gets upset by a comment made by Archana Gautam on her pet dog. She calls on Archana as a guess which proves to be right and she burst out on her for making a remark on her personal life. Archana then gets upset with Soundarya for being harsh while throwing the muck on her face.
Ankit goes to talk to Priyanka as she is seen crying in the room. She seems very upset and yells back at Ankit and walks out on him while he tries to hold her back and talk it out. Abdu then goes to check on Tina if she is fine after the remarks made by Archana.

Salman greets the housemates and checks on each one. From Ankit’s one liners to Archana’s behaviour. He also asks Ankit to explain the cause behind today’s fight. He then advices Ankit to only say things to people who are willing to listen to it. While he questions Tina as to why she was upset on not being made captain. And why when she had the opportunity to become captain, she gave it up to make Shalin the captain.

Archana advices Priyanaka to not hand hold anyone, and fight and play by herself and for herself. Bigg Boss fans are then called in to question the contestants and the first question is shot at Tina.

More questions coming your way tomorrow. So stay tuned for all updates from Bigg Boss 16 right here, also, vote for your favorite contestant on MyGlamm & get a chance to meet Salman Khan.

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