This Bigg Boss 16‘s Weekend Ka Vaar started on a cautious note when host Salman Khan alerted the contestants about how he will address everything that has happened in the week gone by. Yesterday we saw him tackle the Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta fight, and tonight we will see him taking Archana Gautam‘s class for passing a derogatory remark about Sumbul Touqeer during the captaincy task. Read Bigg Boss 16 Day 53 promo article here. Tonight, Salman will even lose his cool on Shalin Bhanot, I don’t know for what, but that is what I am looking forward to. Also, he will ask contestants to choose the contestant they wish to eliminate and many will name Shalin. With so much drama in store, I am bringing you all the live updates right here…

11:06 pm: Priyanka and Ankit patch up

Priyanka is curious about what is Ankit feeling and she tries to initiate a conversation.

10:48 pm: Salman announces no eviction this week

After the game, Salman announces there is no eviction this week. Later, Tina and Nimrit sort out their differences. Archana is still crying over being called out by Salman. Tina and Shalin later have a serious conversation. Shalin asks her if she loves him, but Tina says she likes him as a friend. Tina is hesitant to answer in front of the camera. Shalin says he is tired of backing her now. He confesses having feelings for Tina. Sajid discusses with Nimrit why Shalin took his name for eviction. Tina walks away after keeping her point. Priyanka also talks to Shalin about his relationship with Tina.

10:40 pm: Housemates choose Shalin to get evicted

Salman asks the contestants to choose a contestant they feel should get evicted, and Archana, Nimrit, and Sumbul choose Shalin giving their own reasons. Shiv, Abdu, Sajid, and Stan also opt for Shalin. Priyanka, Soundarya, and Tina name Sumbul, while Shalin names Sajid. Salman gets irritated at Shalin’s explanation. Ankit also takes Shalin’s name.

10:29 pm: Tina gets angry with Stan for what he said about her

After the black heart task, Tina gets angry with Stan and accuses him of betraying her. Archana also cries in front of Sajid for what Salman told her. She says she won’t entertain any further. Later Salman invites Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor on stage. Parth reveals how Stan is his favorite, while Niti says she is a fan of Archana. Later these two meet housemates. Contestants then comment on Shiv and Sajid’s friendship.

10:05 pm: Salman slams Shalin for being rude

Shalin is questioned by Salman for being rude and even misbehaving with Bigg Boss. He even slammed Tina for being arrogant. He even pulls up Sajid for talking a lot in English. Salman even warns Tina to not talk in whispers. He later talks to Ankit about his statement about his game and pointed out how he will overtake them. Later he calls Tina and Priyanka and asked housemates to vote on who has a black heart. Archana, Sumbul, Nimrit, MC Stan, Soundarya, Ankit, and Shiv vote for Tina. Abdu, Shalin, and Sajid vote for Priyanka.

9:55 pm: Salman taunts Archana about her remarks on Sumbul

Salman pulls up Archana for making crass comments about Sumbul’s look and personality. He even questioned her about commenting on Shalin and her argument with Bigg Boss. Archana tries her best to defend herself, but Salman doesn’t buy it. Shalin interrupts in between and Salman loses his cool over him. He later slams Shalin for showing his anger. Salman tells Archana that she is thankless for the chance Bigg Boss has given her and that she is hated on the show. Salman slams Shalin, Tina, Nimrit, Soundarya, and Shalin for talking in English.

9:43 pm: Tina has a serious talk with Shalin

Tina talks to Shalin about how she is being projected wrong outside and she is upset about it. Tina talks to others also about the issue. Salman returns and discusses the food fight with Archana. Nimrit and Soundarya also keep their side of the story. He later questions Shiv about why everyone pounced over Archana in the fight. Salman sorts the issue by pointing out who made a mistake where and even explained to Nimrit to handle situations more calmly.

9:35 pm: Priyanka gets questioned about her equation with Shiv

Priyanka is asked about her hatred towards Shiv and how she gangs up with people who share the same sentiment. The last question is for Tina about being jealous when Shalin talks to other ladies. Tina gets angry and asks Shalin to maintain a distance. Later Nimrit asks Sajid and others for a group hug. Sumbul and Ankit have a casual chat.

9:27 pm: Shalin gets questioned about tagging along with Tina

Shalin gets questioned as to why he is playing behind Tina. Salman intervenes and talks about Sumbul’s nature, he explains to her to be cautious so that no one takes advantage of her. Shalin also clarifies his stance. Soundarya and Shalin get into an argument.

9:16 pm: Fans start interacting with the housemates

Fans start the questioning round and Nimrit is the first one to answer. Tina gets questioned or her friends for benefit attitude. Tina clarifies her stance, and later Archana gets questioned about talking behind everyone’s back. Her friendship with Soundarya was also questioned. Later Soundarya also gets questioned. Salman teases Soundarya about her Rs 40 Lakhs ring.

9:12 pm: Fans talk about Shiv and Priyanka

After discussing Archana and others, they move on to share their opinion about Shiv Thakare and Priyanka. They even share how they like Abdu Rozik and say that Tina Datta makes her friendships for convenience. They then meet the contestants. Salman has a fun banter with Soundarya about Gautam.

9:01 pm: Salman welcomes some fans on stage to question the contestants

Salman Khan talks to fans before they start questioning the contestants. Fans talk about Shalin, Ankit, Archana, and Sajid Khan. The fans get into an argument over Archana-Soundarya Sharma’s roti fight.

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