With 10 weeks down, things have started to be getting tense on Bigg Boss 16. Now we are seeing the contestants get fed up with each other and while the game is taking a toll on all of them, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot seem to be hit the most. Yes, from last week onwards their relationship has been questioned time and again, and looks like this has now gotten to them. In fact, in the promo, I saw Shalin talking to Tina as if he is done with her attitude. In case you missed it, read the Bigg Boss 16-day 68 promo article here. On the plus side, Sreejita De will enter the house tonight as a wildcard contestant, and she will come as bad news for Tina, what happens next is what I will tell you through these live updates…

11:30 pm: Soundarya grumbles over vegan food

Soundarya grumbles about the issue being made over vegan food. She says she doesn’t want any food, Archana consoles her.

11:20 pm: Soundarya returns the Tofu to Shiv

Ankit tells Soundarya about his conversation with Shiv about tofu, learning that she gets upset. She returns the tofu to Shiv and they have an intense conversation about this. Soundarya feels offended by the statements Shiv made to Ankit. The argument turns into a fight and they start saying things to each other.

11:08 pm: Tina and Shalin patch up with a hug

Shalin and Tina resolve their differences and hug it out. Ankit and Sajid have an intense talk. Soundarya complains to Sreejita about how Shalin kept removing vegan food from her basket. Tina tells Shalin why is he offering anything to Soundarya after she made her cry. Shalin plays peacemaker between Sreejita and Tina, Tina gets displeased. Soundarya taunts Shalin about being with Tina. Tina continues to cry while talking to Stan, she says how the show is breaking her from within.

10:59 pm: Bigg Boss asks contestants to keep all the ration back in the storeroom

After the contestants empty the storeroom, Bigg Boss gets angry and asks them to keep all the items back in the room. Sreejita gets angry at Shalin for throwing stuff from her basket. Abdu and others hide some items. The task restarts. Ankit tells Abdu to get the dates back and keep them. Sajid refuses to go back in, others convince him. Tina picks food even after the buzzer. Tina and Shalin hug each other. Sumbul picks up vegan ghee and Stan advises her to trade it with Soundarya.

10: 45pm: Soundarya takes the vegan issue to Ankit

While Tina calms down, Soundarya talks to Ankit about her vegan food. Tina continues to cry and asks Bigg Boss to send her home. Bigg Boss asks housemates if they deserve ration after Ankit’s performance as the captain. He declares there will be no task to win ration, and he takes a dig at Sajid as he sends food into the house. All housemates get only three minutes to secure as much ration as they can.

10:38 pm: Tina starts to cry after her argument with Soundarya

Tina cries badly after arguing with Soundarya over the food issue. Shalin consoles her but Soundarya calls her out, and they both start yelling at each other. Tina continues to cry, while Nimrit tries to sort the issue out. The catfight intensifies. Shalin also loses his cool at Soundarya and starts yelling back at her. Soundarya accuses Tina of seeking attention after getting intimidated by Sreejita. Shalin hugs and consoles Tina, who breaks down in tears. Tina cries profusely.

10:32 pm: Sajid is shocked with Nimrit’s reaction seeing Sreejita

Sajid, Tina, Shiv, and others sit and discuss Nimrit’s reaction to Sreejita’s entry. Tina says she will only target her, later Sajid tells Priyanka about how Ankit never talks ill about her. Priyanka and Ankit get into an argument, and Tina and Sajid try to resolve it. Shalin and Sreejita talk about how he is coming across outside. She tells him how he is not looking good outside. Sreejita announces that Ankit is in love. Soundarya questions Tina about using her tofu.

10:25 pm: Sreejita enters the house as a wildcard contestant

Bigg Boss sends Sreejita back to the house and instructs her to spice up the game. Archana gets very happy, while Tina is seen as very upset. She asks Bigg Boss why did he bring back Sreejita to the house to make her life miserable. Sreejita starts passing taunts on Tina. Soundarya and Nimrit talk to Sreejita about how Tina has disappeared after seeing her in the house. Shalin tells Tina about how Sreejita hugged him to mock her. The girls continue to gossip about Shalin and Tina’s relationship.

10:18 pm: Sreejita calls Sumbul for a yoga session

Sreejita gives a reality check to Sumbul and asks her to make her game stronger. She makes Sumbul see how big this opportunity of getting saved on the show. Tina is called in next and starts to confront her. The cold war begins between them, and Sreejita calls Tina negative. Their word of war continues and Tina refuses to do yoga and calls Sreejita a snake. Tina walks out of the room.

10:10 pm: Bigg Boss announces Sreejita’s entry

Bigg Boss gathers the contestants in the living area and he taunts Ankit’s captaincy. He then shows Sreejita on screen and the housemates get happy, especially, Archana, Soundarya, and Nimrit. Sreejita enters the house as a yoga instructor, and she calls Nimrit into the activity area first. Sreejita praises Nimrit for being strong, they have a heart-to-heart conversation. After Nimrit, Ankit is called inside. They have a fun conversation.

10:03 pm: Tina and Shalin have an intense talk

Tina and Shalin are complaining to each other about the issues in their friendship, as usual, they don’t agree with each other. Tina gets disappointed and walks off. Tina asks Shiv about breakfast. Tina’s leg problem resurfaces, and Shalin shows concern. Tina refuses the help and starts to cry. Sajid praises Priyanka’s cooking, but Nimrit doesn’t agree. Shalin talks about Nimrit with Priyanka. Soundarya complains that Tina cooked her tofu for Shiv.

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