Bigg Boss 16 contestants have been in for some shocking surprises in the house of late. Yesterday we saw Sreejita De enter the house as a wild card contestant, and that led to Tina Datta getting quite upset. In case you missed the episode, read Bigg Boss 16 day 68 highlights here. Tonight is the day that the contestants dread the most, it is time for them to meet host Salman Khan who will give many a brutal reality check on their behavior. But the biggest highlight of tonight will be a new wildcard contestant on the show Vikkas Manaktala. Well, this will surely change the game.

But that’s just not it, Salman will pull up Tina for bringing up outside conversations in the house and referring to her friends time and again. Not just this even Sajid Khan will be in for some brutal feedback when Salman calls him the self-proclaimed father figure of the house. In fact, Salman will even label him as partial. Other than this MC Stan also will get some grilling from Bhaijaan and there will be a point where Stan will be asked to walk out of the show.

As for Tina, she will have an emotional moment with Salman too after which she will be called into the confession room. There she will be explained how she needs to be strong. The contestants will also play a fun game of ‘Angaar or Bhangaar’ where they have to rate the wild cards based on first impressions. Shehnaaz Gill will be seen as a special guest on the show.

How the game changes will be very interesting to see, so stay tuned. Also, vote for your favorite contestant on MyGlamm & get a chance to meet Salman Khan.

Shraddha Kapoor My Glamm