July is an exciting month full of many OTT releases which will keep you entirely interested. Below is a mix of Tv series and movies from various platforms like Amazon Prime, Jio Cinema, etc of different genres like thriller, horror, and even comedy, which will keep you entertained throughout the month.

Here is a list of 7 OTT releases this July…

1. Tarla

Tarla is a movie that is a biopic of the iconic food journalist ‘Tarla Dalal,’ who is played by Huma Qureshi and is portrayed beautifully. This movie shows us how Trala empowered women around her and helped the women discover their dreams through food. This movie was released on 7th July and is now streaming on Zee 5.

2. Adhura

Adhura is a thrilling series that revolves around the arrival of a young boy named Vedant at Nilgiri Valley School. This event triggers a series of unsettling events. Adhiraj who is haunted by his past actions which took place many years ago, confronts his inner fears when a class gathers for a reunion. However, as Vedant’s journey becomes intertwined with Adhiraj’s, a dark secret emerges. This secret puts the entire campus in danger as many terrifying incidents occur. This series is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video and is a must-watch for horror show lovers.

3. Bawaal

The highly anticipated film Bawaal which was initially being released in cinemas is now exclusively streaming on Amazon Prime Video on 21st July. This film is all about love and war. Varun Dhawan who is a small-town boy falls in love with Janhvi Kapoor and they have a chaotic but action-packed journey where many events unfold.

4. IB 71

Vidyut Jammwal delivers a great performance as Dev Jammwal, an agent working for the IB. This film is about the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and focuses on Dev’s secret mission, which has remained hidden for more than fifty years. Accompanied by a team of thirty skilled spies, Dev races against time to safeguard India’s future. ‘IB 71’ reveals the untold story of this operation, showcasing the challenging journey that played a role in India’s victory. This movie is now streaming on Disney + Hotstar.

5. Blind

Sonam Kapoor plays a strong woman in Blind, who is visually impaired and gets involved in a serious criminal investigation. She was the only person there, and with great determination, she confronts the killer and solves the mysteries of the case. Purab Kohli gives an intense performance as the powerful villain, adding more excitement to this secretive and thrilling suspense movie. This movie is sure to give you the thrills and is now streaming on Jio Cinema.

6. The Trial

This court drama, ‘Trial’ is all about Kajol going back to work after many years of being a housewife only to defend her husband who was caught in a scandal and support the family. Many series of events unfold as the show progresses which will keep you at the edge of your seat. This series is a remake of ‘The Good Wife’ and will stream on Disney + Hotstar on 14th July.

7. Sweet Karam Coffee

In this heartwarming story, three women from different generations decide to live together in a house, all with a shared goal of escaping the restrictions that have held them back. They begin an exciting and empowering journey of self-discovery, challenging the societal rules that have limited them. As they courageously take steps forward, their lives become a captivating adventure filled with new knowledge, strength, and independence. This series is extremely engaging and is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

This set of OTT releases is sure to keep you entertained and engaged throughout the month of July. They will put you on a rollercoaster of emotions and at the edge of your seat with the most mind-blowing stories and cast members. Hoping to see many more such great releases in the future as well.