Bella Hadid has one of the most glowing skins, and I often wondered what the wellness routine of the supermodel looked like. She recently shared a TikTok video where she finally revealed what her beauty ritual looks like, and it’s extraordinary! Here’s Bella Hadid’s morning wellness routine, revealed by the supermodel herself…

In a video posted by Bella Hadid on TikTok on March 14, she is first seen pouring a liquid using a dropper into a glass, then some other tincture along with a water-like liquid, and then going on to drink it. After that, the model takes around 13 different vitamins and supplements, followed by a healthy-looking green juice! Bella Hadid further goes on to swig some gold sea moss gel, which is popular for improving gut health, some fulvic detox drink, and some liquid tonic containing natural minerals.

After taking care of her internal health, Bella Hadid shifts her focus to wellness as she grabs some essential oil from her collection and rubs it on her wrists and neck, providing a nice aromatherapy vibe. The 27-year-old model also cleanses her space with sage before sitting down for her journaling session. A lot of netizens were concerned to see Bella Hadid taking so many supplements, but it may be because of the supermodel’s health requirements and consultations from her nutritionist, who may have added the prescriptions to her routine. Bella Hadid has been quite vocal about battling Lyme disease, and she often uses social media to document her journey with the chronic illness and spread awareness about it.

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