Summer is all about travel. This summer, we’d suggest you to head to a nice beach and sip on a yummy cocktail. Before you go searching for beaches outside the country, we suggest you head to our very own beauty- Goa! Goa is one of the most interesting food hubs in India. The coastal food will comfort your soul and there are also a few places that serve amazing food with a beautiful view. Let’s get right to it.

1. Antares, Vagator

This place has the most amazing view. It overlooks the beach and serves amazing cocktails apart from their yummy food.
MM Recommends: Crispy Fried Chicken
Average Cost For Two: ₹2,000 ++

2. The Lazy Goose, Candolim

What an amazing view. It overlooks a tiny lake that makes it the perfect setting for a sundowner. Make sure to try their seafood.
MM Recommends: Baby Baked Stuffed Crabs
Average Cost For Two: ₹1,300 ++

3. Thalassa, Vagator

This place is a Greek food lover’s paradise! The vibe and music is really good and goes perfectly with the food.
MM Recommends: Lamb Souvlaki Kebabs
Average Cost For Two: ₹1,500 ++

4. La Plage, Ashvem Beach

Another beautiful shack by the beach. Good food and great ambience.
MM Recommends: Roast Chicken Leg With Scalloped Potatoes
Average Cost For Two: ₹800 ++

5. Marbela Beach Restaurant, Morjim

It’s not only a great place to party at night, but serves really good food in the day too. The crowd is niche and cocktails are yummy.
MM Recommends: Lamb Chops
Average Cost For Two: ₹1,200 ++

6. Our Shack, Vagator

Famous for the location, it’s a really good place to hang out and eat some good Goan food. But what you definitely must try are their cocktails.
MM Recommends: Goan Fish Curry Rice
Average Cost For Two: ₹900 ++

7. Calamari Bath & Binge, Candolim

This is a really nice restaurant by the beach. The food is really nice and they have good events every once in a while.
MM Recommends: Goan Fish Curry And Rice
Average Cost For Two: ₹800 ++

8. Gunpowder, Assagao

This place is famous for South Indian food. The joint is super bright and colourful. Perfect for an afternoon hangout.
MM Recommends: Kerala Style Fish Curry
Average Cost For Two: ₹1,000 ++

9. Burger Factory, Multiple Outlets

This place is for all those burger lovers out there. Really famous for their meat burgers and is a must visit.
MM Recommends: Beef, Feta and Cheddar Burger
Average Cost For Two: ₹1,100 ++

10. House Of Lloyds, Candolim

Owned and managed by Lloyd, this restaurant is famous for their authentic Goan cuisine.
MM Recommends: Ricotta Stuffed Crabs
Average Cost For Two: ₹2,000 ++

11. Curlies Beach Shack, Anjuna

This one is an absolute classic. It’s been around for decades now and you must visit if you haven’t already.
MM Recommends: Red Snapper
Average Cost For Two: ₹1,500 ++

12. Britto’s Bar & Restaurant, Baga

Another classic shack, this. They’re famous for their seafood and the vibe is awesome too.
MM Recommends: Prawns Stuffed With Crab
Average Cost For Two: ₹1,400 ++

You’d find some of the most delicious food in Goa. So if you’re planning a trip there any time soon, make sure to try these popular places. If you don’t, you’ll regret it. So, go ahead and start planning!

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