Bigg Boss returned in its 12th season with Salman Khan as its host on the 16th of September. The show that brings together celebrities and commoners to fight it out for the winner’s title, brought together singles and vichitra jodis this year. The contestants haven’t disappointed the audience so far and given us enough entertainment in the short span of just four days. That’s why wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I hope you’ve got a tub of popcorn ready because this episode of Bigg Boss 12 unleashed a whole other level of drama.

Day 4 in the house began with Bigg Boss announcing the captaincy task where only the women from the Singles and jodis were allowed to participate. Bigg Boss made this decision due to the subpar performance of men during the first task which had to be discarded. The task began with both the team nominating one contestant each, while the Singles almost immediately decided it would be Dipika Kakar, the jodis had to go in circles with the Khan sisters until everyone finally decided that Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik will be their contenders for the task.

To win the captaincy, Dipika, Kriti-Roshmi would have to pretend to be princesses and impress Anup Jalota. The participant who managed to collect the maximum roses from him would win the game. Both teams tried their best with songs and dance performances. Roshmi even pitched to swim for ‘Prince’ Anup. While Anup  his and partner/’advisor’ Jasleen Matharu cheered her on, Shivashish Sharma couldn’t stop staring at her in her swimwear. By the end of the task, Dipika had earned the maximum roses but the opposite team in a quick moment snatched the roses away making use of the free pass in Bigg Boss’ instructions to destroy the opposite team’s flowers before the time was up. The act ended up creating a fight int he opposing teams but Kriti and Roshmi came out as the winners in the end.

The task also sparked another rift between Sreesanth and Shivashish as the latter claimed that the former had abused him. Shivashish lost his temper while Sreesanth explained he used the curse word as a regret for not being able to do his part well in the task. The spat continues and others get involved in sorting it out while Sreesanth and Shivashish both don’t agree to back-off. Somehow, Somi also gets involved in the conversation and ends up yelling at Deepak Thakur for interrupting her.

The fight leaves Sourabh upset and in tears, as his partner, Shivashish won’t listen to reason. The entire episode brought out the competitive side of the contestants and looks like there will be no tactic spared for the tasks to come.

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