Those that are working from home will probably agree with me – even if there is time to work out, professional work and house chores leave you so mentally exhausted that at the end of the day, you simply want to curl up in bed and just be. Even deciding to rise early in the morning to squeeze in a quick workout seems tough because those extra couple minutes or hours (in my case) of sleep is supremely tempting. And given that we’re home most of the time, it’s hard to avoid binging on junk food. We understand you, but let’s face it, there just is no alternative for exercise and nutrition. So, here is a little motivational push for all you hard-working men and women along with a list of fitness and nutrition channels to follow. These channels will definitely push you to include exercise in your quarantine routine and follow a better diet.

Ahead, we give you a list of 5 Youtube channels to follow for a daily dose of fitness and nutrition:

1. Roberta’s Gym

We all know that exercise doesn’t always require heavy gym equipment, however, if you’re unaware of the different freehand exercises to practice at home, don’t forget to check out the videos by Roberta’s Gym. With a whopping 2 million subscribers, Roberta covers full-body workouts to single body-part workouts. The workouts are simple and easy to follow.

2. Rujuta Diwekar

The fitness and nutrition connoisseur of India, Rujuta Diwekar is a nutritionist to the who’s who of Bollywood. I personally follow her and what I love most about her tips and tricks is the deep-rooted Indian essence of her regime. She is a hard and fast patron of Yoga and has asanas for almost every bodily problem. Apart from fitness, she also gives a variety of diets which are easy to follow and are inclusive of cheat meals as well!

3. Fit Tuber

Rightly said by the self-confessed fitness enthusiast, “fitness doesn’t necessarily mean bulky muscles.” Fit Tuber‘s  Youtube channel is a one-stop-shop for healthy recipes, workout videos, lesser-known health and workout tips. He also reviews various products so that’s another perk you can enjoy! And good news my beautiful ladies, he has a whole playlist on just women’s health. Don’t forget to check him out!

4. BeerBiceps

BeerBiceps covers a plethora of topics that range from fashion, career, personal grooming and more. But their roots lay in fitness and nutrition. Ranveer Allahbadia is the mastermind behind this popular channel. BeerBiceps posts on physical fitness with workouts to practice at home and a variety of diets. Additionally, the channel also posts on mental health. Should you miss to check them out? Absolutely not!

5. Fittr

This online platform is dedicated to health and wellness. Their Youtube channel features a range of home workouts as well as Yoga. They also post videos on delicious and healthy recipes and are a must-try channel for anyone that’s looking to get fit from home.

Do you know of any more fitness and nutrition channels we could follow? Tell us in the comments below!

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