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COVID-19 has confined us to our homes and our health has taken a hit. Both, our mental and physical health are bearing the burden of these stressful times and this is harming us more than we know. Our physical health in particular is suffering. We barely go out, gyms are closed and our movement within our homes is limited. If this continues we may just turn into the humans from Wall-E—lazy, demotivated, sad and dull. However, this can change. By improving our physical health and being active, we can uplift our mood and mental health.

Integrative Nutritionist and Gut Health Coach, Ms Payal Kothari says,

Your gut is your inner compass and navigation system. With a mind and body synergy, it will always guide you in the right direction.

3 Ways Physical Health Impacts Mental Health

1. Regulates Hormones

Have you ever noticed how a simple walk around your neighbourhood instantly puts you in a better mood? It makes you feel better almost instantly and works like magic. This is because when we exercise, we secrete good and healthy hormones. They help organs to function to their best ability and also impact our overall mood. This is why that post-workout glow comes from within!

2. Boosts Our Self Image

For most of us, the lockdown has been stressful and probably made us lazy. Gyms are shut, outdoor walks have become health hazards and frankly, we are just not in the mood. We may have even put on some weight. All this affects our self-image. We link our weight fluctuations to fad diets and five-minute-ab routines. This is wrong! Our weight and shape depend on our metabolism i.e. our basal metabolic rate (BMR). Physical exercise helps to boost our BMR! This shifts our reference point from things restrictive eating to scientific facts (which we can work on effectively and sustainably). This shift in perspective can help improve our mental health as it reduces the stress and anxiety caused by weight fluctuations.

3. Helps Lessen The Strain Caused By Chronic Illnesses

Chronic illnesses like cancer and diabetes put a massive strain on mental health. A million pills, constant hospital visits and the side-effects can be a real handful. The stress, anxiety and pure frustration they cause negatively impact our mental well being. While medications alleviate physical pain, exercise helps with the mental one. A holistic approach including physical activity is extremely important in dealing with such illnesses. It genuinely helps you feel better inside and out!

To be physically active, you don’t need to leave your homes. MPower is organising a #2WeekRestart to help you #MoveForTheMind and be fit. Here is all you need to know about it:

What is #MoveForTheMind?

#MoveForTheMind is a 2-week long fitness event being hosted by MPower from December 5th to December 19th 2020. Over these two weeks, the participants will be attending fun live workouts, mental health sessions and nutrition talks to help them break their cycle of inactivity and reset physically and mentally. The schedule for this event is as follows:

  • Saturday, 5th December – Live Workout
  • Wednesday, 9th December – Live Workout
  • Friday, 11th December – Nutrition Talk
  • Saturday, 12th December – Live Workout
  • Wednesday, 16th December – Live Workout
  • Friday, 18th December – Live Session On Mental Health
  • Saturday, 19th December – Live Zumba Session

Why Should I Register?

The link between physical and mental health is evident. A happy body leads to a happy mind which leads to a happier you, and in these stressful times, this is more important than ever. Additionally, it is a well-known fact that you need just two weeks to make or break a habit, so why not kick-start that now? Why not break your cycle of unhappiness? If you aren’t already convinced, maybe this fact will do the trick. The proceeds from your registrations will go to The Mpower Foundation and help many children gain access to quality mental health services!

How Do I Register?

Registrations for #MoveForTheMind open on the 7th November, and the last day to register is the 4th December. The cost of registration is Rs. 199. To register, all you have to do is click on this link.

Where Will These Sessions Be Held?

It’s all online! You don’t have to leave your house or even your bedroom. These are virtual online sessions that can be attended no matter where you are. All you need is a willing, positive mindset…and a good internet connection.

For more updates on #MoveForTheMind, follow MPower on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

*This post is a partnership with MPower.