After a long and tedious salon withdrawal, there’s no better time than now to dye your hair a fun colour. The lockdown gave us so much time to reflect and re-evaluate what we want with our hair but it also created the perfect time to experiment. It’s going to be an interesting year for hair with colours trending from natural to unnatural. With us working from home a lot, we’re all craving some excitement in our lives and while we can’t really party with can play with our hair. If you were hesitant to try a vibrant or bold colour before why not now, take a shot! Scroll below to check out our favourite vibrant shades to elevate your hair. You’ve got to try them at least once because truly, life’s too short for boring hair.

1. Pastel Pinks

We’ve been seeing pinks everywhere. It seems to be the breakout colour that everyone wants especially in lighter pastel shades. Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Lana Candor, Chrissy Teigen, Cardi B and more have all already taken the plunge and with stunning results. Pink is the perfect balance between having a calming effect and being safely rebellious. Plus it’s an awesome gateway to playing with more daring colours. Are you ready to take the leap?

2. Aquamarine Blue

Blue is such a cool colour. It’s another one of those hues that looks great on anyone. Unlike other colours, it doesn’t wash you out and depending on the shade of blue you might not even have to lighten your hair. If your hair is darker the deeper the shade of blue will be best, like a shiny midnight blue-black. Whereas if you have lighter strands or pre-lightened hair vivid blues, pastels or neon blues will show up really well. Even Hilary Duff has taken the plunge! Last year she debuted mermaid-esque blues while recently she went for a cotton candy hue. Needless to say, we’re obsessed with how cool. she looks. We’re bookmarking this to our Pinterest board ASAP!

3. All Kinds Of Red

Forget those boring brown shades and get a fabulous red tone. From fire-engine red to orange tones and more strawberry nuances red is having a major moment. What makes red great is that it works on everyone and is easily customised to enhance your natural beauty. There’s literally a shade for everyone. Take a cue from Bella Hadid who revealed fiery red-and-orange face-framing highlights or her sister Gigi who went for a whole head of strawberry copper tones. Moreover, if pinks aren’t your thing red is a great alternative for bolder colour that’s eye-catching not too loud. If you’re looking for some red hair inspo you can check out a few of our favourite shades here.

4. Lilac Hair

We love a good purple but the lilac shade is where it’s at. If you love icy tones combine it with a silver-grey and you’ve got a winner. Celebrities like Euphoria star Hunter Schafer are already rocking the trend and it looks stunning. If a whole head of hair isn’t your thing go or an ombre effect with purple on the ends or even a peekaboo style with hidden streaks.

Do you have a favourite hair colour trend? Let me know in the comments below!

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