The current reality and any kind of motivation don’t easily go hand-in-hand and that’s a fact. A fact because most of us are struggling with getting through another day without languishing, dealing with personal emergencies, consuming what seems like a never-ending rut of bad news and not to mention, living through a deadly pandemic. In all of this, with disrupted routines and whatnot, it’s naturally harder than usual to find the energy and the will to squeeze in a workout. All the more because for most people, exercising within the confines of their home isn’t an ideal space nor a very motivating factor. So how do you then manage to achieve a breakthrough and make a good workout session a part of your everyday routine?

We cover you with 6 of these easy tips. Happy scrolling!

1. Chart out an exercise plan

Think about it, when you know or have a rough idea about what you’re doing, you’re already slightly motivated to complete the task as opposed to when you’re completely clueless. Because it then leads to distractions and consequent procrastination. Think of this the same way. Under normal circumstances, you’d head to the gym and even if you were unsure of what to do, you could ask the trainers for help. But that’s not the case while working out at home when you don’t have a personal trainer training you. So the best thing to do is chart out a plan beforehand. List out the number of variations you’ll do every day. Then move onto the number of rounds and repetitions. You could divide them up on the basis of what body parts you want to focus on. Having a plan like this will automatically give you a little push!

2. Fix a time during the day

Figure out whether you are most energetic in the mornings or evenings and basis that, pick a time. Make sure to do it strategically in the sense, ensure that you won’t have any other work to do at the time you pick to exercise. Once you’ve set a time aside in the day, make sure you stick to it on all days because that way, your mind will automatically start associating that particular time with exercise. This way, it’ll soon just become a part of your routine and you won’t have to put in that extra effort to motivate yourself.

3. Try to wear your workout clothes a few hours prior

Clothes have a major impact on one’s mood. The right kind of clothes for a particular task or time of the day can improve the state of your mind and help you carry out the task much better. A couple of hours before your scheduled time of workout, change into your workout clothes and watch how your motivation to exercise go up as the time comes closer.

4. Think of the positive feelings you’ll experience after

Any task that we carry out, don’t we always think of the end result and the positive feelings we’ll feel once it’s done? Think of working out as the same. A good workout, one that will leave you exhausted will most definitely make you feel incredibly good about yourself and instantly uplift your mood. It’ll also automatically motivate you to do your other tasks better and the positive feelings will make you want to experience them every day, thereby turning exercise into a daily habit.

5. Maybe make a deal with a friend

This is actually quite effective I would say because I’ve tried it out and it works. I just made a pact with one of my best friends about working out regularly and updating each other about it on the daily. This way, neither one of us misses working out and it also serves as a good motivating factor. You can do it over video call and be each other virtual workout buddies. Trust me, it works!

6. Lastly, remind yourself why it is important

This is the most important one. Unless you don’t look at exercise as a crucial part of your life, it’s not going to turn into a habit. Make yourself understand the many benefits of it and how it will improve your life and state of mind in general. Give yourself the pep talk if required and remind yourself why it’s so important, all the more now that we’re practically always at home.

We hope these tips come in handy the next time you need to find the motivation to workout. Do you any more tricks like these? Drop them in the comments below.

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