Ever since April 2022 life has been very different for both Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. And while both of them are in the best phases of their career, their happily ever after is sweeter than we all think. In fact, after yesterday, I just want the best for this amazing couple. In case you are wondering what happened yesterday, let me tell you the trailer of Ranbir’s upcoming film Shamshera was launched in Mumbai. But the highlight of that event was what Ranbir spoke about his wife Alia Bhatt during the media interactions. Listening to him say what he said, has left me in awe of #RanAlia.

So, during the media interactions, Ranbir said that this year has been special for him, especially with his marriage.

He said,

While I always said in my films that Shaadi is like daal chawal for 50 saal till you die, life main thoda tangdi kebab, keema pao, hakka noodles hona chahiye. But after life’s experience I believe daal chawal is the best. Alia is my tadka, achaar, kanda and everything in the daal chawal.


Check out the reel here:

Isn’t RK just too cute when he talks about Alia? Well, Alia is no less, she has been rooting for her husband’s film Shamshera on social media quite actively. In fact, these two had quite the dreamy wedding too. And it is so adorable just to see them being so sweet with their PDA.

On that note, in case you haven’t seen the Shamshera trailer, watch it here now:

Coming back to Ranbir and Alia, these two will be seen together in Brahmastra. The film’s trailer has been quite well received. So while we see Ranbir as Shamshera on 22nd July, we will be treated by Mr and Mrs Kapoor’s film on 9th September. To be honest, I am now waiting to see what they have to say about one another when they are together for promoting this film.

Till then, I am gushing over Ranbir’s comment on Alia and I am sure you are too.