Bigg Boss 16 has completed a month and there have been a lot of ups and downs, yet the contestants have survived the game till now. Today, during the nomination special Bigg Boss will ask the contestants whether Gautam Vig deserves his captaincy privileges, will they unleash fury on him again? If you didn’t catch up on what’s going to happen next, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 32 Promo here. Tonight, the nomination special is going to be a blunt game of stabbing in the back but saying the true reason in the face. A new unexpected fight has sparked in the house between Priyanka Choudhary and Ankit Gupta, waiting to see how soon they can make up, unlike others.

10:55 pm: Gouri is ready to play

Gouri Nagori plans with Soundarya Sharma that they wouldn’t do the cooking and would prefer the dishes.

10:51 pm: The Long Son, Short Son Show

Abdu Rozik and Sajid Khan start a show inside this show where Abdu is the short son and Sajid is the long son. Where they ask questions with options and the contestant’s answer in 3 secs.

10:43 pm: Even ‘PriyAnkit’ duo are fighting now

Priyanka Choudhary and Shalin Bhanot start to fight again over their previous issues. While Ankit tries to calm her down by telling her to leave the issue behind, she gets mad at him.

10:23 pm: The most awaited ‘Back Stabbing Special’

While this activity goes on Tina Datta and Soundarya fall into an argument as Bigg Boss points out that she is constantly only with Gautam. Even Shalin points out the same thing for Soundarya stating she is not friends with anyone except for Gautam. As expected Tina goes on to nominate her. Sajid gets back at Gautam while nominating Soundarya.

Sumbul Toqueer, Soundarya and Archana Gautam get nominated.

10:20 pm: The contestants decide on Gautam’s power

The nomination special is approaching and Bigg Boss has left it to the contestants to decide whether he can have his privileges as a captain during the nomination activity.

As a majority, Gautam is not allowed to have his privileges.

10:15 pm: Archana’s kidnapping story

Archana narrates her escape from a kidnapping episode to Soundarya explaining how she got into politics.

10:11 pm: Looks like Gautam needs space

Gautam feels like Soundarya always keeps on taunting him and as she tries to convince him he walks off and asks for fresh air.

10:02 pm: Shalin and Priyanka start their battle again

Shalin gets angry as the contestants in the house are making fun of his medical condition. Priyanka again falls into the screaming spree over laughing while Abdu mocks Shalin.

9:55 pm: Soundarya breaks down in tears

As Soundarya feels bad that Gautam is not supportive towards her. She bursts down in tears. Meanwhile, MC Stan tries to calm her down.

9:50 pm: The morning kitchen fight

Tina Datta and Soundarya Sharma have a disagreement in the kitchen while Gautam and Soundarya have an argument over the breakfast’s quantity.

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