When the Golden Guys entered the house, Bigg Boss informed the contestants that this is an opportunity for them to win back the Bigg Boss 16 prize money of 25 Lakhs they once lost. The Golden Guys are put to task and how! Couldn’t catch the last episode? Check it out here at Bigg Boss 16 December 1 Day 61 Live Written Updates

The previous day was so intense, that the episode begins with a fight between Tina Datta and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia from the previous night. Tina complains about left over food in plates and having to cleaning plates with left over food in it. Nimrit gets offended on Tina’s tone and gives it back to her. Shiv interferes in order to defend Nimrit and gets into a fight with Tina.

Archana and Soundarya get into a fight over cooking rice and who is better. Archana asks Sajid whether she has ever made rice the wrong way. While Soundarya points out how Archana is always seeking for praise. Soundarya then asks Archana to make her rice separately to to conclude the fight.

Then begins the main task of ‘Agla Raja-Rani Kon?.’ Bigg Boss asks the Golden Guys – Bunty and Sunny to sit in an helicopter. When they hear the helicopter sound, they will start throwing biscuits, and they will have to catch biscuits standing outside the red line. Whoever has the most bricks stands an opportunity to become king or queen. Nimrit chooses Sumbul as the winner of round one. Bigg Boss then asks her to choose between nominating herself or getting a passcode for the locker. Sumbul chooses to keep herself nominated. Archana calls Sumbul selfish and crosses the line with her words.

Archana crosses the line and calls Sumbul’s look unfit to become a queen. Shiv raises his voice against this and the rest of the housemates come together in support of Sumbul. In round two, Nimrit chooses Ankit as the next winner and is asked the same question. He as well chooses to stay in the game of becoming king and queen. However this time, Archana does not question Ankit and Shiv questions her about the same.

Shalin is then accused of cheating by Nimrit and putting Tina’s gold biscuits in his basket. Shiv urges Nimrit to disqualify him or he won’t be participating in the game anymore. Nimrit then decides that Shalin would be disqualified for that one round. And at this decision Shalin gets aggressive. Nimrit asks him why is he getting loud and aggressive and he makes a remark on Nimrit’s mental health. Nimrit lashes out on Shalin and says she is glad that the world has seen his true face.

Shalin is chosen as the winner of the next round and chooses to stay in the game of running for King. While Priyanka is chosen as the winner in another round and she also chooses to stay nominated for the position of Queen. Soundarya on the other hand, as the winner of the last round chooses to sacrifice her nomination for queen.

Archana and Shiv are nominated to be sent on a pasta date while Soundarya and Sumbul are nominated to make the pasta for their date. On the other hand Tina feels unwell while a doctor is called to check on her. She then informs the doctor that she has forgotten to take her medicines. Archana gets mad over at Shalin and they fight over cleanliness around the house. Archana loses her cool and starts calling Tina names.

The contestants seem to be stuck in a loop of back to back intense fights which is alos affecting the health of many. Let’s see what tomorrow brings stay tuned for all updates from Bigg Boss 16 right here, also, vote for your favorite contestant on MyGlamm & get a chance to meet Salman Khan.

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