Another smashing episode that really kept me on my toes tonight! Things are beginning to heat up in the house, may it be in terms of fights or romance. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia really seems to have taken on the role of Captain seriously as she ranks the housemates based on their contribution and efforts in Bigg Boss 16. In case you missed the latest episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 60 live written updates here.

The day starts off with Tina Datta questioning the Golden Guys what and people seeing and what are their opinions on her. Honestly, if I was enclosed in a house, that would be my first question too. Sajid Khan discusses the kinds of fights that take place in the house, with Bunty and Sunny. And concludes it with saying that at the end of the day, they all sit at the table together for a meal.

Sajid then questions Tina about her feelings towards Shalin and advices her not to think about it too much. Shalin and Tina then have a moment where they discuss their feelings about each other. Tina then confesses to Shalin that she does have feelings for him, and the moment ends with a warm hug.

Bigg Boss then proposes a task where he asks Nimrit, the queen of the house to rank the housemates on the basis of their performance and contribution to the house. This causes quite a stir as not everyone agrees with the ranks that she allots to each member. She ranks Shiv at number one with the reason that he has performed well and contributes towards the house chores as well. Ankit Gupta however holds a different opinion and calls out Nimrit on favouring her friend.

Tina continues to raise her arguments against Nimrit’s decision and the ranks allotted by her. She receives support from Shalin and Ankit who believe that Nimrit is not being fair. They were a little aggressive and loud I must say, but shouldn’t everyone fight for what they deserve. Tina even proposes swapping ranks with Abdu, which Nimrit disagrees with.

Once everyone is assigned ranks, Bigg Boss informs them that on the basis of their ranks they will be allotted groceries. The remaining groceries will be Nimrit’s, while she can also take from anyone’s basket. Everyone picks up groceries that they require while Ankit is left with nothing to choose from.

The episode ends on a bang, with Tina picking on Nimrit about the mess on the plates that she is required to wash. Will this fight escalate into something more? We shall find out in tomorrow’s episode..

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