It’s that time of the week in the Bigg Boss 16 house when it’s fun and at the same time a week-long of issues which are left to be addressed. It was a bit harsh yesterday when Sreejita De spoke some surprisingly unexpected things about Tina Datta. If you missed the episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 82 Highlights here. There are muddas in line waiting to be cleared, from MC Stan and Shalin Bhanot ‘s huge fight during the nomination special to the disbalance in the mandali, I am impatient to hear Salman Khan addressing it. The voting lines have been closed and this weekend it’ll be revealed what’s the twist that’s incoming.

Fights are a hot topic on ‘Weekend Ka Vaar,’ and a major brawl occurred this week during the nomination specials between MC Stan and Shalin over nominating Tina. Both men were exchanging insults and threats, which escalated when abusive language was used. Because Bigg Boss 16 is a reality show that airs on national television, some dignity must be maintained. Salman bhai is prepared to slam Shalin and MC Stan for the language they used while fighting. Salman believes it is disrespectful to their family. Right when Salman is asking them to repeat those words, both of them feel ashamed. I mean they need to feel some amount of remorse after the language they use, on the other hand, how can they even give an answerback, it’s Salman standing in front of them.

Coming to the most exciting part of the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, the celebrities enter the house to raise the entertainment quotient. The lovely couple, Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia Dsouza come in to promote their new film, Ved. Even Bhai has a special appearance in the title track of the movie. So, obviously, there is some grooving happening on the stage. Apart from this, it’s Ritesh and how can there not be anything funny when is around? The star cast enters the house and Ritesh and Sajid Khan pick on the contestants roasting them in their own hilarious element.

This ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ is about to be very much happening. I cannot wait to see what more is going to come up and who else is Salman Khan going to slam. Is there anyone who deserves a reality check this week? Only Bhai will tell.