Bigg Boss 16 brought in the ration task in a fun and unique way. Not only was it entertaining but, all the contestants got a chance to listen and read what their beloved family members had to say. I am certain that after today the contestants would be uplifted in their hearts to stick in the show for longer. If you missed the episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 82 Live Written Updates here. It was pure and emotional when Archana Gautam gets to listen to her family’s letter. But, what left me stunned was the way Sreejita De spoke about Tina Datta. I really want Salman Khan to reveal what the ladies have spoke about each other’s back, there’s more to come during the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 83 Promo here.

The episode starts only with this very juicy conversation between Soundarya Sharma and Sreejita. I was somewhat astounded to hear what Sreejita was saying about Tina. Sreejita is taken aback when Shalin Bhanot gives Tina a peck on the back of her head. She then tells Soundarya about an incident that occurred in Goa while they were on their trip. She also comments that Tina is looking for a fully loaded man, attempting to label her a gold digger. She criticises Tina’s character as a lady who tries to attract men’s attention and wreck homes, which is why she being able to settle in life yet. Not to forget the part, where Sreejita discloses that Tina even asked her whether her fiance has got a brother. I mean what’s even happening in the house, they say girl power but I can clearly see these two pulling down each other.

Shalin Bhanot and Tina, the most talked about duo or lovebirds, get into a brawl before the task can begin. I know it’s nothing new at this point, but the topic is different. Tina confronts Shalin about his use of steroids, and he becomes enraged. He asks her to go get his pre-workout box and show him where it says ‘Steroids’ on it. Shalin becomes irritated, and Tina becomes agitated once more as a result of Shalin’s yelling at her. These two cannot stay away from each other and neither can they stay together.

Coming to the best part about the episode was when the task continued becoming tougher than yesterday. The guests who enter the house begin throwing the contestants’ personal belongings. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta‘s belongings are scattered around them to instigate, but the guests are unable to activate them. One positive aspect of the task was the reading of the contestants’ families’ personal letters.

Masala is added by Bigg Boss to give things a twist and keep us engaged. MC Stan is given immunity when he has to either choose between reading either Priyanka’s or Archana’s family letter. He decides to follow Priyanka’s letter. But because of this, Archana breaks down in tears and feels left out by the other housemates. She is also frustrated over the fact that she always has to suffer because of Priyanka and she is not her friend anymore. In the morning itself she was expressing her feelings to Soundarya over how bad she felt because she left her house in anger the last time she spoke to her dad.

Everyone got the opportunity to listen and receive their letter, with the exception of Archana. Stan makes an effort to try and convince her that he was only considering the ration. On the other hand, Bigg Boss has a softy at heart. He clarifies that Archana did not even have a single strike as everyone was accusing her of doing so. He reads her letter as a reward for not reacting once. Honestly, anyone would feel as bad as Archana did, if not given a chance when everyone gets one.

Just like I had a feeling, Stan and Tina hug each other trying to leave their fight behind. On the other hand, the mandali has seen a little disbalance as Sajid Khan tries to talk to Sumbul Toqueer over yesterday’s disagreement between them and Sumbul doesn’t respond to him. He makes a bold statement when he mentions that Sumbul is ‘boring’ without them in the show.

The ups and downs in the friendships are making it like a ship in a stormy sea. But, there is no calm here.