Bigg Boss 16 gets tricky and more twists to come in along with surprises in the house. Just like every other nomination special, it’s about to get crazy as the activity room turns into a market full of ration. This doesn’t come in easy as Sumbul Toqueer and Vikkas Manaktala get into a heated fight over getting a chance during the task. To get a gist, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 86 Promo here. On the other hand, Archana Gautam who never fails to be in the spotlight gets in a brawl with MC Stan over the house duties and it turns nasty between those two.

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10:44 pm: Tina and Sreejita accuse Archana of stealing ginger

The contestants start discussing who they nominated. Archana and Sreejita get into a fight over Sreejita telling Archana in the morning that the bathroom was not clean. Sreejita says that she has a black heart. Then even Tina goes to declare that the ginger is missing and they think that she has taken it.

10:34 pm: Nominations get chaotic

Priyanka helps Shalin in picking up the right ration for the house. They both named Soundarya and Nimrit to be nominated. Sreejita is mad about her chance going away. Sajid and Soundarya go next and they vote Shalin and Tina. Abdu and MC Stan are getting an opportunity to go into the house and bring 20 items for the whole house. Free grapes are given to Abdu. It’s revealed that nominations happened, Sreejita, Vikkas, Priyanka, Nimrit, Sumbul, Shalin and Tina have been nominated for the week.

10:23 pm: Vikkas and Sumbul start their fight

Vikkas wants that the ration in the house is supposed to be kept in one place and then decided. Whereas Sumbul believes that she wants to go next but Vikkas doesn’t want her to as from Room of 6 already two people have gone in. The ones who are nominated cannot be voted again. Priyanka and Sumbul are nominated by Tina and Nimrit.

Sreejita is stuck between both of them as Sumbul and Vikkas both want to go in the next round with her. Archana keeps cheering for Sumbul and Sreejita. The banter keeps on going for a very long time which upsets Bigg Boss and this round is scrapped. Vikkas and Sumbul still continue to shout at the top of their voices.

10:15 pm: Ration shopping day – Bigg Boss 16 Mandi

The activity area is turned into a Bigg Boss ration market. It will open up 3 times and any two contestants can go as selected by the other contestants. Every round different contestants would go in. This game stands on bargaining.

Shiv and Archana go in the first round. A twist comes in that, the nomination and ration have collaborated together. If they want to take 5 items they have to nominate one contestant and if they take 10 then two contestants. Side by side, Vikkas has a problem with Tina and Nimrit going next. Archan and Shiv decide to take 10 times and nominate Sreejita and Vikkas. But, they are not allowed to discuss outside.

10:08 pm: Abdu’s attitude discussed

Sajid makes a comment that now Abdu’s cuteness value is about to get less but Abdu denies it. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Sajid think that Abdu has instilled a new attitude. Sajid eats food alone without Abdu and he goes to question him.

Meanwhile, Sajid and Sumbul have banter over him not liking dogs but, Sumbul didn’t mean it in a bad way.

10:01 pm: A new contestant enters

Bigg Boss announces that this week he would give contestants worthy gifts as they have been away from home way too long. He clears that it’s not a family week and neither will they get home food. But, a pet comes into their house. A paw-some doggie named ‘Maahim’ enters and the contestants are happy and excited to see her. Sajid says that he doesn’t like dogs. Sreejita is in tears as she misses her own pets. Archana gets hilariously excited over his first pee in the Bigg Boss 16 garden.

9:53 pm: Archana & MC Stan fight over the house duties

Stan blames Archana for not cleaning the captain’s room even once. On the other hand, she blames him for finding a reason to nominate her today. He even alleges that every morning she dances next to Abdu Rozik for the camera to be on her as he is famous. Sreejita tries to speak in between but Archana tries to shut her down.

Simuntaneously, Archana drags in Priyanka Chahar Choudhary asking her to wash the apron and not be a ‘free-fund’.

9:50 pm: Discussions on the morning of nominations

Tina Datta asks very sweetly to Sajid Khan what he would ask for breakfast and is ready to make a good one today. Soundarya Sharma and Sreejita De mock her talking so nicely right before the nominations.

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