Oh My God! today’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 was a fire that Shalin Bhanot was trying to put out every now and then. This fire was in Tina Datta‘s heart after she watched Sreejita De return to the house as a wild card contestant. Yes, it was a terrible day for Tina, and if you want to know why read Bigg Boss 16 day 68 live written updates here. In all honesty, I did feel bad for Tina today, especially after she broke down. Right from her morning conversation with Shalin to her argument with Sreejita, Tina was in for trouble throughout.

While Sreejita called Tina someone who has a black heart, what was the breaking point was Tina’s fight with Soundarya Sharma. Yes, the two ladies clashed over food, and Soundarya accused her of stealing her vegan food, this left Tina very emotional and she was seen crying profusely. Shalin stood by her, but it didn’t lift Tina’s spirits. The full day passed by with Tina only shedding lots of tears, while others kept bickering over different stuff.

With so much going down, contestants will meet Salman Khan tomorrow, and as usual, the host will do some grilling. He will call out Sajid Khan for being partial, and even reprimand MC Stan. In fact, Salman will give Stan a choice to even walk out of the house. He will even ask Tina what’s wrong and have a chat with her in the confession room. Another surprise will be a new wild card, Vikas Manaktala, entering the show.

There is lots in store so do stay tuned and also, vote for your favorite contestant on MyGlamm & get a chance to meet Salman Khan.